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The best garden apps for free: With them you will become a plant expert

The gardening season is here and many people are looking forward to growing fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants again. But there are a few things to consider. Free gardening apps can help you spot useful, pesky, and even poisonous plants. We present the best applications to you here.

In the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store there are many practical helpers to help you with gardening. For example, the applications help you find the right time to sow or identify insects and plants - you can even get specific information about pollen count. Below we present a selection of practical apps that will help you with gardening.

Identify and nurture garden plants

The free plant doctor can be the savior in a pinch when your plants aren't thriving as they should. The app is a kind of lexicon for all kinds of diseases, pests and other ailments that your garden plants can have. To do this, first determine the plant group: fruit, vegetables, lawn or ornamental plants are available. This will take you to another submenu in which you can refine your selection and receive all sorts of tips. Over time you will develop a good eye for plant identification yourself.

With PlantNet plant identification, you can identify plants using a smartphone camera. All you have to do is take a photo of the plant and the picture you have taken will be compared with the reference database, which contains thousands of plant species and is growing continuously. You will have the name of the photographed plant within seconds. This can help identify invasive, useful, or even poisonous plants.

Beneficial insects in the garden: these insects will help you

Beneficial insects in the garden: The insects that frolic in your garden are not all harmful to your plants, on the contrary: Many animals serve an important purpose and also help to control pests. The latter often have a good-natured opponent, the beneficial insect - for example, ladybird larvae reliably eat aphids from trees and bushes.

The Android app has a large database filled with pests and beneficial insects. If you now have a harmful guest in your garden, you can simply enter the name into the program and beneficial insects will be suggested directly, which remove the pests and do not harm your garden.

Grow vegetables: app ensures better yields

The free alphabeet app helps you plan your own vegetable patch. To do this, first add the vegetables in the app that you would like to grow. You will then see the season time for your desired vegetables, as well as useful information about your plants, including typical pests or diseases.

Whether it's an indoor herb garden in the kitchen or the vegetable patch in the garden: with alphabeet you have an overview of all your herbs and vegetables. Cool extra: The integrated community function enables the exchange with other hobby gardeners. Beginners in particular can benefit from the experience of others and avoid mistakes.

Pay attention to pollen count: plan garden visits

The pollen forecast app is especially great for allergy sufferers. On a map you can see where in Germany hay fever patients are currently struggling and where the air is clean. The trend display also predicts how the pollen count could behave in the coming days.

The app determines your current location via GPS, alternatively you can check the situation in certain places by entering the postcode. In total, "pollen forecast" contains data on 15 different plants that are important for allergy sufferers. In this way, you can inform guests with allergies before they visit the garden that certain pollen is currently prevalent.

Download: pollen forecast

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