What makes lawyers happy

Are you lawyers happy?

@ icecycle: Well, I don't earn enough to talk about financial security, but not little enough to have a right to government support & lpar; fortunately & excl; & rpar ;.

And there are enough people who just sit down and think, oh, then I just don't work. And those who really need this are missing.

For me, financial security is when you have 3 months of your salary available at short notice & lpar; day money, savings book, what ever & rpar; without having to invest in anything & lpar; shares, fixed-term deposits, etc. & rpar ;.

But I have to say that my recent community service left a small hole in my liquidity ...

But we think positively and will soon have it started again, right?

edit: As a non-lawyer, I would like to briefly address the last post:

I also have a job in which I & lpar; sometimes more, sometimes less & rpar; Exposed to confrontation.
I can always refer to the legal side and therefore have a very good point of view.
If you have to represent one of two sides and it depends on which one opens first, you can only get ahead with arguments, I think. Like Lilly said.
Even if you are in the wrong, you have to focus on this side and the best & lpar; positive thinking & rpar; make of it.

Some people can and some not. So it is with the above mentioned rioters, who are only concerned with their own rights without seeing the other side.
If you manage to represent your side objectively, you will get your rights.
If you fail to do it, you can expect cuts in your rights.

For comparison:
Customer a does not agree with a circumstance in the shop & lpar; but the shop is in the right & rpar ;. He grumbles and is just thrown out at some point.
Customer b & lpar; i & rpar; maybe give a short comment, go home, put a letter on & lpar; factual & plus; clear & rpar; and usually get my rights & lpar; even if I'm not right & rpar ;. In this example, e.g. a shopping voucher for 20.00.
It's only fictional, but I've seen similar situations before ...

It just occurred to me that in my job I can't always refer to the legal side, but am often confronted with it.
This is of course not that easy, but by a certain amount of support you can cool down the coals quite well.

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