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AKG Y500 Wireless - The all-rounder for everyday life

In-ears are absolutely not your thing, but you still don't want to do without cordless comfort? Then the AKG Y500 wireless headphones are for you. AKG, or more precisely Harman International Industries, is a subsidiary of Samsung, which is known for its professional studio, hi-fi and recording products.

The Y500 are equipped with a padded, adjustable headband and memory foam ear cups. The mixture of aluminum and plastic makes the Y500 feel robust and yet light. The polished metal edges around the ear cups give the cans a touch of elegance. The earcups themselves are soft and there is a possibility that they will loosen up a little over time and with use.

Particularly practical: You can also fold the headphones flat so that they are small enough to be stowed in a handbag or sports backpack. The power switch has a small blue LED that indicates when the Y500 is switched on and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Subtle beeps indicate when your headphones are paired. There is also a button for AKG's 'Ambient Aware' function, which alerts you to your surroundings when the headphones are switched on, so you don't miss the train announcement at the platform, for example. It works effectively, muffling the music and allowing outside noise to penetrate naturally. On the other earpiece there is a small button for playing and pausing music (double-tapping calls up your smartphone's voice assistant) and a practical volume switch that you can slide up or down. The controls respond quickly and it only takes a few seconds to get used to them.

You can wire the device using a standard 3.5 mm cable supplied and a simple in-line remote control to control playback. The Y500 can be charged via the included micro-USB and the battery life is approximately 33 hours. Another extra feature is that the Y500 automatically pauses music when you take it off. If you put it back on, the music will continue to play.

AKG chose the Y500 wireless headphones for a refined and adult sound. The bass is powerful and powerful, the vocals are reproduced with excellent clarity. The sound of the wireless headphones makes audiophile hearts beat faster - regardless of whether you are into hard rock or rather shallow tones.