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Have you successfully completed your studies and still not enough from university? Can you imagine a future in teaching, research, or a mixture of both? Then the ZEIT ONLINE job market is the right place for you. There are numerous vacancies in science and research, both at colleges and universities. Regardless of whether it is a professorial position, a doctoral candidate or a job as a research assistant. There are also numerous job offers in various fields for non-university contract research in companies. A great interest in your own subject area and in scientific and theoretical work is a basic requirement.

Vacancies in science and research - specialization and experience are the basis

For example, if you want to make a career at university, you have to be very committed and have above-average knowledge in your subject. However, job offers at universities are as varied and self-determined as few other professions. Most of the time, the desired goal of every university employee is the professorship. Anyone who has made it this far can expect a secure job, good pay and a lot of personal responsibility and independence. The mix of research and teaching is a welcome change for many academics. Depending on the desired field of work, you should already be able to present initial publications on the respective topic or convince through research through experience. The individual departments have different requirements and requirements for applicants. Those interested in job offers in science and research often have to meet very individual requirements. In technical occupational fields, there is usually a lively change between university and industry. The decision about job offers at universities does not have to be a final one.

Perspectives for job offers in science and research

The prospects for employees at the university can vary greatly depending on the subject area and qualification. Cross-divisional are only the small number of professorships and the tough competition for doctoral and habilitation positions. Those who aspire to a university career need perseverance and passion. The future prospects in science and research are consistently good. Universities and research are among Germany's core competencies. Rising numbers of high school graduates and students speak for the security of job offers at universities. The salaries are mostly based on the tariffs from the public service (TV-L) and vary greatly depending on the position, state and employer. Jobs at universities, colleges, or technical colleges have large differences in salary.

Contract research - the connection between science and research

Contract research jobs are closely related to university positions. Teaching is omitted here and it is purely research work, often at companies in the economy. These third-party funds give scientists the opportunity to accept research contracts from industry or other research institutions and foundations. These positions are usually very well paid and often convince with excellent working conditions. In contract research, however, the research results belong to the client and are not necessarily published. Large cities, such as the Berlin job exchange, offer good job opportunities, especially in the private sector.

Good locations for university positions

If you are looking for university positions and jobs in science and research, you have to be flexible and also be ready to change locations frequently. Jobs in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, for example, or other federal states with a distinctive university landscape offer good prospects. Looking abroad also opens up new opportunities and often increases career opportunities and the range of vacancies - universities in the USA, for example, usually pay very good annual salaries.

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