Emergency doctors are happy

US study: These specialists are the happiest

How happy are doctors in their free time? For the Medscape Lifestyle Report 2020, more than 15,000 doctors from over 29 disciplines in the USA were surveyed online.

1st place: surgeons and rheumatologists
Surgeons and rheumatologists are happiest outside of their jobs. 60 percent of the specialists surveyed said they have a happy private life.

2nd place: Public Health
Regular working hours and a lot of education: 59 percent of public health specialists said they were happy in their free time.

3rd place: ophthalmologists, urologists and orthopedists
Third place is shared by ophthalmologists, urologists and orthopedists. The happiness index averaged 58 percent for all three disciplines.

4th place: pediatricians
In the case of paediatricians, it was 57 percent.

5th place: dermatologists
56 percent of dermatologists said they are happy at home.

6th place: Rehabilitation physicians and plastic surgeons
Specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine and plastic surgery are in sixth position in the ranking. 55 percent of those surveyed said they were happy in their private lives.

7th place: gynecologists
54 percent of gynecologists are happy in their free time.

8th place: ENT doctors and emergency physicians
Although the two disciplines are very different, they share the happiness level: 53 percent of the ENT doctors and emergency doctors surveyed said they were happy in their free time.

9th place: Infectious diseases
Doctors who specialize in the treatment of infectious diseases are not very happy in the United States. With us, specialists in microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology would be responsible. 52 percent of the infectiologists surveyed said that they are happy in their private lives.

10th place: radiology
Money alone does not make you happy. Although radiologists are among the higher earners among doctors, every second doctor is dissatisfied. Only 51 percent of the radiologists surveyed said they were happy in their private life.

Source: Medscape Lifestyle Report 2020

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