Is love a coincidence or a fate

Fate, coincidence, or is it God?

A few days ago I was at a so-called "free" wedding, which left me with a lot of thoughts. The couple stressed several times during the ceremony that many factors had happily come together so that they could meet and learn to love. The explanation for this was sometimes looked for in an energy, sometimes in a force not described in detail, sometimes in the dear God. Apparently they all agreed that it couldn't just have been a coincidence. Or did you want to imagine it to be more beautiful and meaningful and not just make a disgraceful chance encounter at the beginning of great love?

If I ask myself the theodicy question, like thousands of generations before me, then I come to the conclusion that God does not intervene like a puppet player in the world and in our lives. How can he then favor such love encounters? Aren't I picking the raisins out with that?

My husband and I had a long drive to talk about it and found that we firmly believed that God has brought us together, has given us our children and takes part in our lives in a protective and benevolent manner.

Perhaps this firm belief, which Jesus already demanded of his followers, is enough, for example when I look at the story of the "unbelieving Thomas". But perhaps it is also good to question such statements of belief and to rationalize them to the point where they can be discussed. Because especially when it comes to confronting critics of faith or dealing with such events as "free" weddings, one should be very aware of one's faith and its truths. After that day, it was noticeable for both of us: God was not invited to this festival.

Humans tend to personalize and humanize God because it makes it easier to understand him or to justify his actions, but God acts divinely and not humanly.

So maybe we just imagined his absence, maybe he was more present than anywhere else, because not everything is a coincidence, but God's almighty work, which is kind to people. I keep coming to the point where I describe my faith as a relationship with God and my husband and I realize that we have invited him into our marriage and family with the sacrament of marriage. With this we have expanded our life by one level.

If I imagine my faith as a relationship, there can also be breaks in relationships, up to and including breaks, which then result in the absence of God. However, misfortunes or bad deeds of people can be described as free creative work. They are not God's punishment, but the result of that freedom that God has given us for the sake of our love, which can only be truly experienced in unrestricted freedom.

But it is also clear that freedom and fate do not go together. "Surrender to your fate" is something that ignores any creative will and turns our life into a monotonous rut, as everything would be fateful. Nonsense!

God's good work is not contrary to the freedom of creation and human beings, but always presupposes that there is a believer who is in dialogue with God. Nobody who surrenders to his fate or relies on chance.

So when we looked at creation and our life in the car, we both realized how beautiful everything has come and turned out. None of this can be a coincidence. Neither creation, in sophisticated ecosystems with precisely coordinated interactions, nor our love and our family, which is our great happiness. Because we were lucky, but it wasn't a coincidence!



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