How does Spotify work

Use Spotify for free - this is how it works

Birgit Götz

Millions of songs from Spotify for free forever, but with commercial breaks. Or test one of the premium versions for one month free of charge and then pay 9.74 euros per month (from 1.1.2021 then 9.99 euros per month).

The music streaming service Spotify offers access to millions of songs. You can use Spotify permanently for free or choose one of the premium subscription variants.

What is the difference between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium?

With the premium subscription, you can listen to all available titles in the browser and on different devices, as well as podcasts and audiobooks. You can listen to the radio or be surprised with the mix of the week put together by Spotify. You can take your music selection with you when you travel, listen to it offline and share playlists with friends. There is no limit to the amount of skipping and your playlists will not be interrupted by ads.

In the free version Spotify Free you can also access the entire range of songs, as well as podcasts and audiobooks, but are interrupted by advertising every few tracks. Offline listening is not possible, and skips on mobile are limited.

However, it's worth getting started with Spotify Free before committing to a premium plan. Try the Spotify music offering and maybe the restrictions won't bother you.

If you want to use all functions without restriction, test the premium version that is right for you for one month free of charge. For this you have to enter your credit card details. At the end of the free month, the test phase automatically changes to the paid subscription, unless you cancel. You can cancel at any time, after which you can automatically use Spotify Free.

A Premium Individual subscription currently costs 9.74 euros per month due to the lower VAT. From January 1st, 2021 it will be 9.99 euros (due to a renewed increase in VAT). For couples there is the premium subscription Duo with 2 accounts for currently 12.67 euros and from January 2021 for 12.99 euros.

With the Premium Family subscription you have up to 6 accounts and currently pay 14.62 euros per month. From January 2021 onwards, due to the increase in the VAT rate, it will be 14.99 euros per month.

Students who are accredited at German higher education institutions can subscribe to Spotify Premium for 4.87 euros per month, from January 2021 for 4.99 euros. The student subscription can be used for up to four years.

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