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You can now register for our award-winning summer courses in Oxford, London, Cambridge and St Andrews (Scotland), as well as at the prestigious British St. Mary’s boarding school at Ascot.

Secure your place at the Oxford Royale Summer Schools for summer 2020 today, just like course participants from over 150 countries.


Oxford Royale Summer Schools (ORA) is an award-winning educational program provider based in the historic university cities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and St Andrews, Scotland in the UK. Our mission is to enrich the academic life of our students and to give them an academic advantage for their further studies, university applications or careers in a highly competitive world.


With our extensive range of courses available all year round, we have something for all students to expand their knowledge with. Here you will find information about our summer courses (including our famous Oxford Summer School), our year-round educational programs and our online courses.



Oxford Royale Summer Schools is a leader in offering top quality summer courses with accommodation. Our programs are inspired by the academic aspirations of their host cities and have been specially selected and carefully designed to provide participants with an interesting and useful experience during the summer.


Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of summer courses at the ORA. We offer over 150 study options - from traditional subjects to topics that students and pupils typically only experience later in their academic development. With such a wide range of options, many participants choose to take two consecutive courses, and hundreds of participants return to the ORA every year to learn something new and to advance their academic development.


We divide our summer programs for young learners into two age groups: 8 to 12 years and 13 to 18 years. We also offer a variety of stimulating summer programs for the 19 to 25 age group.



Oxford Royale Summer Schools is proud to offer a variety of exciting courses for students ages 8 to 12. These courses combine teaching with playful activities and team exercises. This gives young course participants the opportunity to experience a touch of independence in a safe and supportive environment.


The courses take place at St. Mary’s School in Ascot, a renowned boarding school between Oxford and London in the English countryside. The school has unique facilities including an indoor swimming pool, sports fields, art and design spaces, science laboratories, a theater, and more. All of these facilities are used to the full as part of our interesting timetable.


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Most of our staff for these programs lives on-site, ensuring that course participants are safe and supervised 24 hours a day. The ratio of course participants to staff is approximately five to one and all of our teaching staff has been carefully checked to ensure that the highest standards are met.



Dates and fees

Week 1: July 12 - July 18, 2020

Week 2: July 19 - July 25, 2020

Week 3: July 26th - August 1st, 2020

Week 4: August 2 - August 8, 2020

Week 5: August 9 - August 15, 2020


Here you can find out more about the courses and register online.


Our Oxford Summer School is the oldest offering and gives students from all over the world the opportunity to come to Oxford, live there and learn in our fascinating programs. You can also sign up for our London Summer School, St Andrews Summer School (Scotland) and Cambridge Summer School which make the ORA experience possible in these bustling cities.


Our courses are primarily focused on academic development and also include a variety of fun outside of class activities and field trips. On many of our courses it is possible to live with colleagues from Oxford and Cambridge Universities - this gives a truly authentic experience and inspires students to realize their full potential.


Every summer we welcome participants from all over the world to our courses. Last year there were participants with 150+ different nationalities. This makes our summer schools one of the most diverse study environments in the world.


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Participants can choose English language courses to improve their English proficiency, university prep courses for specific courses they may aspire to, as well as a variety of other academic programs to gain experience in areas where they may have little or no experience. Each course lasts two weeks, but course participants are welcome to stay longer to take full advantage of the time they spend in the wonderful surroundings of Oxford, Cambridge, London or St Andrews.



Oxford Summer School: The last summer in numbers

150+ nationalities

15 campuses

Over 60 study options

150+ teachers

Over 200 campus employees


Locations and academies

Our summer schools for ages 13 to 18 take place at 15 different summer centers. These are:


- Yarnton Manor

- St Catherine’s College

- Lady Margaret Hall

- Balliol College

- Jowett Walk

- St Peter's College

- St Hugh’s College

- The Queen’s College

- University College

- Clare College (Cambridge)

- St Catharine’s (Cambridge)

- Imperial College (London)

- St Andrews (Scotland)

-Yale University, USA

-St Edmund’s College


To find out more about the individual centers, please click here.


Here you can find a full list of courses for ages 13-18 and register online.


Oxford Summer School for ages 19 to 25

Our senior courses share many of the same principles and uncompromising quality as our junior courses. Many of the senior students live at Merton College, one of Oxford University's oldest and most academically recognized colleges, or Jowett Walk, part of Balliol College (a rival to Merton's for Oxford's oldest college title).


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Students enjoy our excellent classes, complemented by a range of activities outside of class. And they have a lot of free time during which they can discover the city for themselves and pursue their own studies in Oxford's libraries.


Our online courses

Oxford Royale Summer Schools is also proud to offer an online learning platform with a variety of interesting and intellectually stimulating courses designed to assist students applying to universities in the UK. You can access our online courses instantly from anywhere in the world. They are offered through the ORA Prep platform and provide participants with insights into areas that go well beyond the school curriculum. These insights enable students to get a taste of what studying a subject at a university is like. At the same time, they provide valuable material for applications and interviews. All of this is - as the statements of our students show - of inestimable value in an increasingly competitive university application process. Take a look at our catalog and get started today!


Find out more about our range of subjects and start with a free trial course or sign up for a course. You can find more information about our online courses here.