Does cycling work your abs


Explanation of the exercise

Bicycling is a well-known abdominal exercise that is mainly known to the older generation. Often this exercise was part of pregnancy exercises and cycling is also often done during physiotherapy.

This exercise trains the straight abdominal muscles (musculus rectus abdominis) as a whole, but due to the exclusive movement of the legs, the lower part of the abdominal muscles can be felt more strongly during the movement. The oblique abdominal muscles are also used.

The right execution

In the supine position, stretch your legs straight down and place your arms stretched out next to your upper body. Your head is on the floor and you are looking straight up. Now you lift your legs slightly off the floor.

Then bend one of your legs in the knee joint while exhaling and bring the knee towards your head as much as possible.

Then you breathe in and push the leg back down until it is almost completely straight. Then repeat this with the other leg.


If you do the exercise as shown in the video, i.e. pull the other leg back up at the same time as you stretch out one leg, then you always exhale when the knee hovers over your stomach. Inhalation occurs in between.

Common mistakes

The exercise is often done very quickly, which makes it easier to get your legs moving. You should make sure to ride the bike slowly to avoid gaining momentum with your legs and thus distorting the exercise. Only if done correctly is cycling an effective abdominal exercise.

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