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28 days

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For journalist Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock), life is one drinking bout. Alcohol is better than water, and a few tougher drugs give her and her boyfriend Jasper (Dominic West) the right kick. After the fun-loving Gwen caused a massive accident with her sister's (Elizabeth Perkins) wedding limousine, she was sentenced to a 28-day forced withdrawal treatment. The initial refusal to obey the rules of the “Serenity Glen” clinic, however, fades after Gwen has grown fond of some of the other patients. The old life becomes less and less important, so that she finally stops the secret alcohol deliveries from her friend Jasper. But the fight against addiction remains a challenge that must first be won before something new can begin.

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By Carsten Baumgardt
In the tragic comedy "28 Days", Hollywood darling Sandra Bullock tries to break free from alcohol and drug addiction. Writer Gwen (Bullock) and her boyfriend Jasper (Dominic West) live to the full. Parties, alcohol, pills: they leave nothing out. When Gwen ruined her sister Lily's (Elisabeth Perkins) wedding party while drunk and caused a car accident, the court sentenced her to a 28-day rehab clinic. If she is thrown out there, she would have to go to prison. At first, the vital Gwen cannot get used to the strict morals of the establishment. Comedy specialist Betty Thomas ("Dr. Dolittle"), who dares to venture into the serious subject for the first time, cannot and does not want to deny her roots. The balancing act between drama and comedy is a bit too sweet and Hollywood-typical to be considered a demanding ...
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One of Sandra Bullock's first attempts to somehow break away from her sweetheart image - and a useful one. Whereby one shouldn't expect the ruthlessness of a film like “Leaving Las Vegas” or that Ms. Bullock does not appear attractive even in one scene - this is one of the variegated films that take their subject seriously, but exaggerate it larger than life. Nonetheless, Bullock is doing quite well ...
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Distributor Deutsche Columbia TriStar Filmproduktion
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