What is Rejuvena Cream

Ingredients of Skin Rejuvenate Nourishing Intensive Nourishing Day Cream Dry to Very Dry by Juvena

Customer ratings
5 (6 customer ratings)
Hannelore H. from Gehrden
I've been using the cream for several years, just great!
Inge B. from Baldham
I can only agree with the other reviews. After 30 years of very good experience with this cream and disappointments with many competing products, I very much hope that both the Intensive Nourishing Day Cream and the corresponding Night Cream will be available for a long time to come. The recurring special offers with 75 ml content at the standard price are also very pleasing.
Marion G. from Munich
My mother-in-law has been using the product for tens of years. Unfortunately it is currently no longer available in the size of 75ml.
I have been using Juvena for about 35 years and have only had good experiences. After Juvena changed the products, I was a bit unsettled, that was when I tried Rejuvenate & Correct Intensive Nourishing Cream for the first time. There is no reason for me to try another cream, I am very satisfied with it.
Michaela H. from nauort
I found the cream by chance, I have been using Juvenance Concentrate night and day since 1984 and suddenly it was no longer available for a few years, now it is back with a new name and new packaging but the same consistency and with one light orange scent, I was very happy about it! The cream is great to use and also quite economical, really highly recommended!
I've been using the cream for about 30 years, the only one that is compatible with the cream.