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Relax chair test 2021 • The 14 best relax chairs in comparison

What is a recliner and how does it work?

As the name suggests, one servesRelax armchair primarily relaxing. For this purpose, it always has specific mechanical and / or electrical details. Here is an overview of potential elements and functions:

  • ergonomically advantageous seat
  • adjustable seat and back surfaces (mechanical / electrical)
  • heated seat and back surfaces
  • Seat and back surfaces with Massage function
  • Pads for the arms
  • extended seat to place the legs
  • complementary support stool for the feet
  • Walk with joint for turning and swiveling the armchair
  • Stand-up aid
  • built-in sound system
  • Control by means of remote control (for electrical functions)

Note: The functions mentioned are only examples and do not have to be found in all reclining chairs, as the test shows.

In order to ensure a high level of seating comfort, a recliner is often covered with leather - but artificial leather and smooth, washable fabrics with a leather look are also often used. All of these materials have a pronounced robustness and ease of care in common. This makes recliners into durable furniture that is very easy to handle overall.

The upholstery is one of the most important details of a relax armchair. It ensures an extremely soft and comfortable sitting feeling.

Tip: Relax armchairs are also referred to as relaxation armchairs or TV armchairs.

You can relax fully on such a relaxation armchair, be it dozing, sleeping, reading a good book or watching TV.

The main task of one Relax armchair consists in giving the body of the user the opportunity to sit back and relax after a strenuous day and recharge their batteries in the process.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of the relax armchairs

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Comparison: what types of relax armchairs are there?

Relax chairs can be roughly divided into three types:

  • classic relax armchair
  • Rocking chair
  • Massage chair
Note: Ultimately, all of these variants are, on the one hand, relaxing chairs, but on the other hand, they are also their own types.

Here are the most important properties of the three types in comparison:

Classic relax armchair:

  • ergonomic Seat- and Back surface
  • headrest
  • long seat part
  • no pressure on the thighs (positive for blood vessels in the legs)

Rocking chair:

  • similar to the rocking chair
  • The frame reacts to minimal movements
  • Swinging relieves the stress on body joints (especially in the back and the lumbar vertebrae)
  • ideal for Joint discomfort
  • popular with nursing mothers

Massage chair:

  • small wheels and the like for massage function
  • all the characteristics of a classic relax armchair

This is how relaxation chairs are tested

When experts have aRelax chair test carry out, take a close look at a few criteria. First, they analyze the “hard facts”. This means that the material, its processing and the functions that are fundamentally available are checked, initially only theoretically.

After that, however, it is also a matter of practically testing the respective relaxation armchair. Every functional detail is tried out directly and checked for various points:

  • Does the cover feel comfortable?
  • Is the padding comfortable?
  • How can the Functions handle (simple / complicated adjustment etc.)?
  • How do the functions affect (relaxing, improving physical / mental problems, no noticeable effect, etc.)?
  • Is the recliner easy to clean / maintain?

Look at this Questionnaire checklist you can easily derive the most important test criteria that are important for professional testers:


The most convincing solution in terms of quality is leather as a cover material. But artificial leather and smooth, leather-like fabrics are also possible and have solid characteristics. In the test, however, recliners with real leather upholstery received the better ratings.

Tip: The frame is usually made of wood. In this context, hardwood is optimal because it is more resilient than Softwood. Manufacturers commonly use foam for upholstery. As long as this works without pollutants, there is no reason for point deductions.


To thisTest criterion belong to several Aspects. First of all, all materials have to be optimally worked out and perfectly connected to one another. In addition, neatly processed seams and a dense foam padding bring top marks in the test. Of course, no other defects should be seen or felt. Otherwise there are point deductions.

Functional scope:

The more functions a recliner has, the more attractive it is, there is no doubt about that. But: The quality of the existing features weighs more than the number. In other words, a few high-quality features are more useful than many low-quality features.

Thus, experts take into account in their Testing especially the quality of the functions. Nevertheless, they also include the number in their ratings.


The assessment of the sitting and lying comfort on the respective relaxation armchair is always subjective, no question about it. Nevertheless, the sensations of professionals can be very interesting and extremely helpful when buying or comparing and choosing (from the consumer's point of view).


If sitting or lying on the recliner has a noticeable (and perhaps even lasting) positive effect on physical and mental well-being, testers logically give top marks (attention, this point is also individual!).


The various functions should be easy to use - regardless of whether they are mechanical (i.e. manual) or electrical (via touch of a button) can be set. Ideally, you have to make little or no effort to start or implement the desired features.


Reclining chairs that are quick and easy to clean naturally receive better marks in a professional test than models that are relatively difficult to care for. The decisive factor for this test criterion is the material: real and artificial leather usually have the edge here.

By examining relaxation armchairs based on the ones mentioned / described Test criteria It is easy for experts to make a meaningful comparison and use it to determine the best model - the test winner.

Possible test criteria for consumers

Consumers who want to compare several recliners in order to find the best version for their own needs should also check a few points - this includes the majority of the Expert test criteria and on the other hand, several aspects that depend on individual requirements and needs.

Here are the most importantTest criteria for consumers at a glance:

Cover material

Leather is of the best quality. However, a recliner with a leather cover is also more expensive compared to models with a synthetic leather or fabric cover. Decisive for the choice are therefore personal preferences and (financial) possibilities.

Range of functions

Here it is important to think carefully about which one Functions when buying a reelax chair you definitely don't want to do without and which you can do without.

Tip: Creating a ranking list is helpful here. You just write down the points that are important to you, in order of importance. When comparing different reclining chairs, it is then easy to filter out models that have the top 3 or top 5 functions, for example.

Size / dimensions

The ideal size of the relax armchair depends on the physical requirements of the user. Rule of thumb: the longer and wider you are, the more spacious the chosen recliner should be.

In general, of course, it promotes comfort if there is as much space as possible to relax.


There are very simply designed relaxation chairs, but also particularly elegant or modern and eye-catching ones Copies. It is advisable to change the design of the armchair

  • the Furnishing style in space as well
  • your own taste



Anyone who thinks about the maximum amount of money they can or would like to spend on the recliner before making a comparison will find it easier to find and select afterwards, as this step often significantly reduces the number of models in question.

Simple reclining chairs are available from around 70 euros to buy. For more complex models you have to dig deeper into your pocket. In this segment the prices are upwards of 150 euros. There are even versions that cost more than 1,000 euros.

Tip: Also the test criteria processing, Comfort and effect are important in and of themselves. However, as a consumer, you can only rely on the reports of experts and other buyers in this regard.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a relax armchair?

As far as the functions are concerned, the following points should be met, as they have the greatest influence on seating comfort:

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Adjustment of the backrest
  • extended seat (for a comfortable position of the legs)
  • thick padding

Are these features given, you have a literally comfortable base for relaxing hours on theRelax armchair. Everything that is still available in terms of features acts as a welcome and accepted addition.

It is also advisable to find out exactly whether the target is Relax armchair really does not contain any harmful substances. In addition, any chemical smell should dissipate as quickly as possible (through ventilation) and not remain present for long. You can find out more by reading expert test reports and reviews from other consumers.

Presentation of the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

  • Robas Lund
  • Mendler
  • VidaXL
  • Amsytle
  • FineBuy
At Robas Lund Classic armchairs made of molded wood, covered with real cowhide, dominate. This combination ensures a long service life. As far as the specific elaboration is concerned, there are differences between the models. Some come with an integrated footrest, others with a separate stool. In general, consumers enjoy a wide range of adjustment options with the Robas Lund relax armchairs. In addition, the manufacturer's designs impress with their high resilience. The armchairs can often withstand weights of up to 150 kilograms. The well thought-out construction enables a simple and quick assembly.
HOMCOM offers both simple, inexpensive relax armchairs as well as some premium models that are more expensive. Although the manufacturer attaches great importance to a noble design, comfort is clearly in the foreground. The armchairs are comfortably upholstered and can be locked freely. Since many models include a stand-up function, the relaxation armchairs are suitable, among other things, for older people who are already a little physically limited. Used as reference material HOMCOM like linen, an extremely comfortable fabric that is also very popular for clothing. One of the advantages of the armchair is the high load capacity of up to 200 kilograms.
Both Relax armchairs of Mendler the particularly thick upholstery stands out as a distinctive characteristic. Thanks to this extra soft and robust construction, some of the brand's models can withstand a body weight of up to 220 kilograms. The armchairs are generally covered with synthetic leather-like polyurethane. This material is easy to care for. The versions have numerous functions. The sitting and lying position is often adjusted conveniently at the push of a button, i.e. electrically. The rounded edges should also be emphasized. They minimize the risk of injury and also add a stylish visual accent.
Looking for a solid reasonably pricedRelax armchair one has at VidaXL best chances of finding what you are looking for. In the manufacturer's wide range, there are several good designs available that cost significantly less than the models from other companies. However, you have to be aware that these armchairs are “only” equipped with simple adjustability. In addition, VidaXL also offers more functional variants, such as those with a 10-point massage function that gently stimulates and loosens certain areas of the body from the head and neck to the back and gluteal muscles to the calf muscles.
If you want to get yourself an extra modern and stylish armchair with a relax function, Amstyle is the right place for you. The models are also comfortably upholstered and comfortably covered with imitation leather. To manufacture the resistant Frame metal is usually used instead of wood. Both materials are extremely easy to care for. The cleaning effort is minimal. Other typical features of the attractive Amstyle relax armchairs are the easy adjustment of the backrest and the 360 ​​degree rotation. The armchairs generally have a separate - complementary - foot stool instead of a footrest incorporated into the seating furniture.
With a relax armchair from FineBuy one often secures an impressive multimedia device. Especially among the high-priced models there are some that come up with an integrated sound system that really has it all: loudspeakers combined with a subwoofer promise Home theater and Gaming experiences the extra class. With this in mind, the brand's designs are primarily recommended for people who like to watch movies and play console games. The technology wonders from FineBuy can also be coupled with various electrical devices. A wireless Bluetooth connection is also possible.
For everyone who wants to buy a high-quality relax armchair at an affordable price IDIMEX suitable models ready. Even very inexpensive versions often come with a massage function that can always be adapted to individual needs via remote control. Otherwise, the manufacturer's armchairs have all the features that generally characterize relaxation armchairs - that is, soft upholstery, an easily adjustable backrest and a comfortable ottoman. As far as the cover material is concerned, IDIMEX relies on artificial leather; the frame is usually made of plywood and left in its natural color.

Customer test: frequently mentioned disadvantages in Amazon reviews

As everyone knows, give Manufacturer in their descriptions only the advantages of their recliners. The potential weak points are skilfully concealed. However, it goes without saying that most of the versions also have one or the other deficiency. So in order to get a comprehensive impression of the positive and negative features of each version when comparing various models, it is worth reading test reports from experts as well as reviews from other consumers.

Here is a summary of the disadvantage of recliners that Amazon customers Mention more often in their reviews:

  • upholstery too thin (limited seating comfort)
  • poor workmanship (unclean seams, small cracks in the cover material, etc.)
  • very few functions
  • Functionality of the features not completely convincing
  • Massage elements incorrectly positioned (e.g. vibration in the neck area too high up)
  • very minimalist Substructure (lack of stability)
  • armchair is to small / short (no head support when sitting)
  • Fabric difficult to clean (hardly hygienic maintenance possible)
  • Inadequate assembly instructions (you don't know exactly how to proceed)
  • Screws very stiff (complicate the assembly)

Customer reviews describe these advantages

In addition to the possible weak points, one should also always consider the mentioned pros. Otherwise a one-sided picture emerges again.

Beneficial aspects that Amazon customers often describe, at a glance:

  • very nice, classy design
  • high comfort thanks to thick, soft padding
  • comfortably large, wide seat
  • large number of practical functions
  • every function makes sense and works flawlessly
  • Relax chair can withstand heavy weights without any problems
  • The armchair is easy to adjust
  • thanks Youtube video assembly is easy to assemble
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the connector system
  • Super Price-performance ratio
Essentially, the list of these statements is used to provide the consumer with assistance for his individual test.By making sure when comparing various reclining chairs that the weak points are not there, but the advantages are there, you will find an armchair that is all-round inspiring in terms of quality.

Interesting facts and advice

The story of the relax armchair

Relax armchair are a relatively young phenomenon. The first versions came on the market at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time they were even more luxurious goods than they are today and therefore reserved for high earners. Fortunately, there are now versions at comparatively low prices that are quite affordable for many people.

As a forerunner of the Relax armchair applies to Rocking chair. In the beginning, however, it was far from offering the comfort that rocking chairs bring with them nowadays. The reason for this was the lack of padding.

Before finallyRelax armchair were developed with various mechanical and later also electrical functions, large, leather-covered comfort armchairs appeared. These were particularly popular in the 1920s Hotel- and Bar lounges.

Numbers, data, facts about reclining chairs

In view of the fact that more and more people suffer from physical impairments such as back pain, headache or joint pain, the relaxation armchair is in many cases beneficial to health. Two main reasons for physical problems are

  • Frequent and long standing (for example in a factory) as well as
  • sitting incorrectly (e.g. in the office).

To sit ergonomically in your free time and that body A high-quality recliner makes perfect sense to enable comprehensive relaxation.

Mount the recliner correctly

When assembling the Relax armchair one should fully adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. In general, it is uncomplicated and possible to assemble the recliner in a short time without too many additional tools.

Tip: To ensure that comprehensible instructions are included in the scope of delivery, you should read through customer reviews or, if necessary, ask a question yourself. Perhaps there is even a YouTube video available that explains the individual steps logically.

Note: It is advisable to check BEFORE setting up that all parts are there and undamaged. Otherwise you have to send the package back and request a replacement (or order an alternative right away).

Stiftung Warentest Relax chair test - the results

To date, there is no specific relaxation chair comparison from Stiftung Warentest.

Öko-Test Relax chair test - the results

Öko-Test has not yet made a comparison of the recliners either.


What is the difference between relaxation armchairs and massage armchairs?

Basically is a Massage chair nothing more than a specific group within the recliner category.

In addition to the typical properties of the classic relaxation armchair (adjustability, etc.), it also brings elements for massaging different body areas (head, neck, back, buttocks, calves).

Who will repair my recliner if it is defective?

This is the responsibility of the manufacturer - provided that the defect occurs during the guarantee period. In this context It should be noted that you should pay attention to the longest possible guarantee when buying a relax chair. If the fault falls out of the guarantee period, you can contact a specialized repair shop. However, you then bear the costs yourself.

How do I clean my recliner properly?

To avoid the naturally occurring impurities of the Armchairs To remove carefully, regular cleaning is important. Once a week you should vacuum the seating furniture with a vacuum cleaner or brush it off with an upholstery brush.

Then, depending on the material, careful treatment with a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner is recommended (only with a damp cloth for sensitive material). Finally, you go over the furniture with a dry, clean and soft microfiber cloth.

How much does a recliner cost?

The test shows that the price range for recliners is very large. There are particularly inexpensive versions for less than 100 euros, but also extremely luxurious models that cost over 1,000 euros. Most armchairs range in price between 150 and 400 euros.

Where should I buy my recliner?

When shopping in Internet you have a much more generous selection compared to shopping in local specialist shops. In addition, you are not dependent on opening times and can look up before buyingTest portals and by reading customer reviews provide detailed information about the envisaged version (s).

Which recliner is the best?

In any case, the chosen recliner should be made of materials that are harmless to health - this is the main thing. Which one model Beyond that really represents the best, always depends on the individual requirements and needs.

You just have to think about what is particularly important to you in the reclining chair and then in the test pick the ideal version.

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