How do you spend 20

How do you spend your time

You will receive an evaluation of your activities and also some tips at the end. Click on the Weekly scheduleand let's go!

This is how it works

In the schedule you will find all days of the week from Monday to Sunday. Above the plan are various activities with which you spend your time in a normal week. For example, to fill out a typical Monday in your life, simply drag the individual small balls from the colorful fields of activity with the mouse into the individual time periods. Each ball represents a quarter of an hour. This is how you fill the hours with different activities.

When you've completed each day of the week, click "I'm Done". Then you will get an evaluation of your personal weekly plan. Filling out the weekly schedule is anonymous. We won't ask for your name or address.

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Have fun!

Action background

The German Children's Fund and UNICEF Germany are starting this campaign in the run-up to World Children's Day on September 20, 2012. We want to find out from as many children as possible in Germany what they spend their time with. Because the world children's day motto this year is “Children need time!”. For World Children's Day we will publish the evaluation of the entire campaign on this website. Then you can see what other children and young people in Germany spend their time with.