What are dead skin cells

Body peeling:
indispensable care for healthy skin

To have smooth skin like a baby - that's what we all dream of. The body peeling seems to be the ideal and indispensable care for this. What are the benefits of peeling for the skin? How does it work and what are the benefits? Learn the secrets of exfoliating beauty care.

Body peeling - what are the benefits for the skin?

The functions of the epidermis

The skin is a real protective shield for our organism. Its main purpose is:

  • to protect ourselves from external influences;
  • regulate body temperature through sweating;
  • to immunize the organism and thus protect it from bacteria;
  • eliminate certain pollutants.

The skin consists of 70% water. Their thickness varies depending on the area (from approx. 0.5 mm to 5 mm).

The regeneration process of the skin - what is it?

The upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, consists essentially of keratinocytes, cells that act as an important protective barrier. Every month certain cells migrate to the surface of the skin and reach the horny cell layer (firm membrane made up of dead cells). The skin is now in the desquamation phase, which means that dead cells are loosening and falling off. The new cells take over immediately: this is called regeneration of the skin. This renewal of the epidermis takes place approximately every 28 days.

Already knew?
Our body loses 600,000 dead skin cells every hour. In the course of a lifetime, that's about 18 kilos.

The body peeling - the post-processing

The process of cell renewal is not enough to remove all of the dead skin cells. In fact, certain cells withstand and adhere to the epidermis. This prevents the skin from breathing and cannot benefit from the effects of certain substances, such as sebum (which helps to form a moisturizing protective film).

Exfoliating allows the body to remove remaining cells and help skin regeneration.

Already knew?
One often hears that the skin repairs itself during sleep. In fact, skin generation takes place primarily at night. To confirm this statement, an English journalist took a test. At 46, she still had a fresh complexion from sleeping 8 hours a night. For a week, she cut her sleep time by almost half. Your skin showed the first traces after just 5 days: your otherwise fresh, radiant complexion suddenly became dull and showed enlarged pores and redness.

Benefit from the numerous advantages of body peeling: What are they?

A supple, silky-soft skin

Thanks to its peeling effect, the body peeling removes the scales that are present on the surface of the skin. As soon as the skin has been freed of impurities, it is smooth and silky again.

Better blood circulation

The body peeling clears the pores and promotes blood circulation, especially through the circular movements when using it.

A fight against orange peel

If the body scrub is used with vigorous movements on the buttocks and thighs, it can effectively combat orange peel. A balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to achieve the best possible result.

A radiant tan

Freed from impurities and dead cells, the skin is optimally prepared for the sun and can take on a more even, radiant tan. Sun protection tailored to your skin type is essential.

Easy epilation

Remaining dead cells that are naturally present on the skin make the skin thicker and block hair regrowth after epilation. This process is the cause of ingrown hairs. The body peeling promotes hair regrowth and thus contributes to an optimal result when epilating.

Effective, sustainable care

As with the face, the peeling prepares the skin. By opening the pores, the skin can better absorb care products: moisturizers, care products, anti-aging products ...

Does the peeling lose the body tan?
No. Contrary to the popular belief that peeling rubs off the tan along with the dead cells, the fact is that the peeling optimizes the tan instead. The peeling makes tanned skin shine.

Body peeling: care for the beauty ritual

The effect of natural peelings

Honey contains many minerals and vitamins and is known for its versatile properties, especially for its regenerative effect.

It provides the grains that serve as an inimitable weapon for removing dead skin cells. In addition, the naturally occurring glycolic acid in sugar enables gentle peeling.

Fruit extracts
The vegetable enzymes contained in the fruit ensure a gentle, grain-free peeling. In addition, stone and pome fruits have a strong antioxidant effect.

Black soap mixture of olive oil and ground, salted olives: that Black soap scrub is traditionally part of beauty care in North African countries. It serves as a peeling, moisturizing and cleansing base at the same time.

At Cocooncenter we have taken great care Body scrubs selected and made use of their best natural ingredients. Also see the best body scrubs the benefits of sugar again, as in Caudalie Divine Peeling, the benefits of fruits in Nuxe Body Tender Body Peeling or the effective synergy of sugar and milk in RĂªve de miel of the same brand.

How often should you use a body scrub?

The frequency of peeling depends on the skin type. For dry and sensitive skin, peeling should only be done once a week to avoid irritation. 2 peelings per week are recommended for oily skin.

How to perform a body peeling: preferred areas, body areas to be protected

The application should be tailored to the area you want to exfoliate:

  • Areas of the body where the skin is rather rougher, such as the elbows, heels or knees, need a vigorous exfoliation because these areas are particularly often dead cells;
  • Areas of the body where the skin is finer or more sensitive, such as the neck or groin, require gentle exfoliation;
  • Particularly sensitive areas such as the genital area must not be peeled.

When peeling, make sure to use circular movements to stimulate blood circulation.

The skin barrier in children is not yet fully developed. A peeling, even a gentle one, must not be carried out on children.

Our selection of facial scrubs

The peeling is indispensable for body care. It enables the epidermis to form new skin cells and increase the effectiveness of your care products. However, exfoliating makes the skin more sensitive as it removes dead skin cells. Therefore, a moisturizer should be applied after every peeling to create a protective film.

The three most important pieces of information about body peeling:

  • Exfoliating can remove dead cells from the epidermis that are preventing the skin from breathing.
  • If the peeling is carried out before the application of care products, the effect of these products can be increased.
  • The peeling is a kind of post-processing of the skin renewal process.
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