Why does my cat like her collar

Get your cat used to a GPS collar - it works with these 6 steps

You don't want your cat to be without a collar in the future so that it cannot be considered abandoned, but you don't know how to get it used to the GPS collar? We answer the following questions:

Instructions: This is how you get your cat used to a (GPS) collar

A rule of thumb: The sooner, the better and, above all, the faster your velvet paw will get used to the collar.

These instructions apply to both normal collars and GPS collars.

  1. Unpack the collar and take it to a place where your cat likes to be. The tape is supposed to pick up the natural smell of the familiar surroundings of your kitty.
  2. Let your fur nose sniff it so that it perceives it as a natural object and not a threat.
  3. Reward her when she snuggles up against it.
    Caution: Only when your cat has mastered the first 3 steps with flying colors can you move on to the next step.
  4. Loosely attach the collar around your kitty's neck.
  5. While doing this, pet her and distract her.
  6. Leave the collar around your neck for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Repeat steps 4-6 daily and increase the wearing time every day until your cat is completely accustomed to the band.

It is essential that you take small steps and don't take your cat out of the blue and put the collar on immediately.

If you put the collar on your furry friend without the step-by-step instructions mentioned above, she will

  • get frightened
  • try to shake off the collar,
  • have a negative association with the collar and
  • avoid the collar.

The best alternative to the cat collar - the GPS tracker cat collar

Many concerned cat owners buy collars so that they can mark their velvet paws as non-abandoned. The fear is too great that one's own cat will be perceived as a stray and be adopted by a new family. How about if you equip your four-legged friend with a GPS tracker collar, which was specially developed for the needs of cats?

The GPS tracker for cats is a collar with an integrated GPS.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a GPS tracker collar for cats

Advantages of the GPS trackerDisadvantages of the GPS tracker
  • Cat can be located at any time
  • Safety lock available


Here are the advantages of the GPS tracker collar for cats explained in more detail:

GPS tracking in real time:
Discover where your adventurer is and that in real time on your smartphone.
To 100%
Safety lock:
The predetermined breaking point prevents your kitty from getting stuck on a fence, for example. This lock can be opened and closed again as often as you like.
Robust and light as a feather:
50 g
Suitable for:
Cats from 3.5 kg

Why should you choose a regular collar to identify your tiger when you can have a GPS tracker collar for your cat with many additional features?

The GPS collar for cats from Tractive gives you information:

  • Where your cat is in real time
  • What distances she has already covered (you will be amazed at how many kilometers cats cover)
  • Whether she stopped by the neighbors for a quick meal
  • How active your house tiger is thanks to activity tracking

You receive all information about your cat directly on your smartphone! Gone are the days when you didn't know if to worry or not.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the normal cat collar

Advantages of the normal cat collarDisadvantages of the cat collar
  • Used to identify the cat

The safety lock on the GPS tracker for cats can do this

Normal collars for cats are not always equipped with a predetermined breaking point. The risk of your adventurer getting stuck on a bush or elsewhere is very high.

The fact is: The GPS tracker for cats, which is a collar with integrated GPS, has many additional functions as well as a safety lock.

This lock ensures that the lock releases and the collar releases from your velvet paw if your cat gets stuck on a bush, for example. If the collar has come off your kitty, you can easily locate it on your smartphone.

Your velvet paw already feels comfortable with the collar and you want to get it used to the outdoor walk in the next step? This is a great way to familiarize your cat with a leash.