Why do you use WordPress

10 reasons why WordPress is the right choice

The following 10 reasons should show you why WordPress is the right choice for your website.

11/05/2017 - updated 11/30/2019.

1. It's free

The system is free and always will be. It is constantly evolving and therefore offers more and more functions from version to version. For this reason, it is a first-class CMS for me, see also point 3.

2. Support and Community

You have probably already been in situations in which you did not know what to do on your own. Me too. With WordPress, the community (people who actively use the CMS) is so large that help is usually not a problem and a lot of knowledge is available, which is also gladly shared. I noticed that particularly well at WordCamp, where I found a suitable answer to practically all of my questions.

3. Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system, or “content management system”, is software that can be used to jointly edit and update content (for example, for websites). These are mostly text, images, and in some cases videos. This website uses WordPress as its CMS and in a figurative sense this is the floor plan of a house, just without painting, windows and everything that goes with it.

4. Ingenious backend

The backend is the part of a website that is not visible to normal users. Content is created there in order to make it visible in the front end (that which the user can see in the browser). WordPress has an extremely user-friendly backend, which allows you to manage content independently without programming knowledge:

5. Numerous themes and templates

A theme gives your website the first coat, that certain something, that something unique. To come back to the house as a metaphor, I would refer to a theme in the figurative sense as the room layout within a house. I would also include the exterior color, because this is also visible at first glance.

The number of themes is very extensive, which can quickly lead to the fact that the overview is lost and you can no longer see the forest for the trees. It plays an important role here to concentrate on what a theme absolutely has to bring and what the focus should be on. I always start with ThemeForest.

6. Plugins

A plug-in is a small piece of software that can be inserted into the CMS and provides a certain functionality, e.g. a calendar or a contact form. There are, for example, various plugins for data protection. In a house, a plug-in would be, for example, the dining table, the couch or a floor lamp. It is important that plugins are compatible with WordPress itself as well as with the chosen theme, otherwise it can lead to unsightly effects.

Plugins are both a blessing and a curse. If you use them too much, the website will be slowed down quite a bit. If, on the other hand, you only use a few, you may not have all the functionalities available that you would like to have. It is therefore important to carefully check and question the use of each plugin. The rule of thumb is: "As many as necessary, as few as possible."

7. SEO friendly

Search engines like Google like WordPress because the CMS is made for search engines. Originally designed as a blog platform, the CMS is now mainly used as a normal website and is convincing. With this CMS, both pages and individual blog posts can be optimized for search engines so that as many visitors as possible come across them when they search for a certain topic.

8. Multilingualism

With the help of plugins, the implementation of multilingualism works smoothly, which is a huge advantage, especially for Switzerland with its four languages. There are numerous options as to how multilingualism can best be implemented.

It is also planned to incorporate multilingualism into the code (core) of the CMS.

9. Control of the data

If you download the software via wordpress.org, you are free to decide where you want to run WordPress. If the data and thus the server are to be in Switzerland, I recommend cyon.

I like to compare it to the hood of a car. When using WordPress, you can open it and look at everything under it. With other systems such as Wix or Jimdo this cannot be opened and you have no control over the data. These are then somewhere, but almost certainly not in Switzerland.

10. Webshop

If the desire arises to sell products via your own website, this can be implemented via WooCommerce. The existing website can thus easily be expanded so that it can also be used as a shop.

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Questions on this subject

How much does WordPress cost?

WordPress itself is free. You can download the German version directly from wordpress.org.
However, in order to use WordPress as your blog and website, you have to install WordPress on a web server. To do this, you need a web host and a domain (URL), both of which are usually chargeable.

Why is WordPress free?

Primarily, this is due to numerous volunteer developers around the world. They develop WordPress in their spare time, which is why the CMS is updated regularly.

What does WordPress do?

WordPress provides a system with which you can easily and clearly edit the content of your website. Whether text, images or video - with WordPress you can design your website however you want. A theme defines the design as well as the standard functions, which can optionally be expanded with plugins.

Which programming language for WordPress?

WordPress is based on PHP. For this reason, it is important that your host ensures that PHP is running and that you always keep the PHP version up to date.

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