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Diet & Lifestyle

Cool and healthy at the same time - is that possible? Yes, smoothies combine a casual lifestyle with a healthy diet. You can make red, yellow, green and even white smoothies yourself. But it's not just the colorful color variations that inspire, but also the many different possibilities and effects of smoothies. We'd be happy to give you a few tips for books on topics like Lose weight with smoothies, fasting, detox smoothies, superfoods and much more. Do you have a book tip for us? Then we look forward to a message.

Superfood smoothies

Of Julie Morris
This calculation works out perfectly: a chef whose job is developing recipes + a nutritionist who deals intensively with nutritional values ​​in foods + an author who writes about superfood smoothies. The result is a comprehensive book with a lot of information worth knowing and extremely delicious smoothie recipes - 100 of them! By the way: The person in our equation is the same every time: namely the American Julie Morris, who makes it for us ... Read our full review here.

Easy detox

Of Evelyne Laye
The booklet keeps what it promises: Everything is easy to imitate, without a lot of frills, all questions are answered and therefore - everything is EASY. The author Evelyne Laye attaches importance to detoxification measures that can be easily integrated into everyday life using wild herb smoothies and you are guaranteed to learn a lot that you did not know about detox. For example will ... Read our full review here.

Paleo smoothies

Of Mariel Lewis
Are you in the mood for 150 (!) Different recipes with delicious names like creamy vanilla coconut smoothie or papaya cheering smoothie? Curious about the paleo diet? Do you want to learn how to shop smart? Then you won't be put off by the prompt "Clear your pantry!" On the first pages of the book. Because it is definitely worth learning more about the “healthy stone age food from the blender”, such as ... Read our full review here.

The sensual world of spices

Of Julia Gruber
Only the right seasoning makes food and, in a figurative sense, life perfect. If you agree and are also open to spiritual messages, then you have come to the right place. The book introduces you to 40 aromatic plants of European and international cuisine, delicious vegan recipes invite you to try them out. There are also tips for ... Read our full review here.

The quick smoothie diet

Of Silvia Bürkle
This book by Silvia Bürkle provides a 10-day program for weight loss with smoothies, detoxes and energy gain. At the same time, she writes, the daily intake of green smoothies for the period mentioned should only be the beginning of a permanently healthy diet in the future. The author is convinced: “For many, the quick smoothie diet is an easy one and at the same time ... Read our full review here.

Detox baby

Of Christine Volm
The author Christine Volm, nutritionist and wild herb expert, values ​​purely natural remedies and measures and a holistic cure program. She writes: “The detox regimen presented in this book is more than a do-it-yourself quick cleansing program. … Juices from fruits, vegetables and wild plants keep the metabolism and digestion working, so that the body is active…… Read our full review here.

Wild herbs books

We are particularly fond of wild herbs and, to be honest, we can hardly wait for the season to start every year. Various books provide information about which wild herbs are particularly suitable and what to look out for when using them as food. We have read a few of the wild herbs books on offer for you.

Wild herbs - healing power by the wayside

Of Renate Pelzl and Julia Gruber
This book is written for all those who also look at plants with their hearts. Because in addition to identifying plants, we are introduced to wild herbs from a completely different point of view. This book and the associated meditation and determination cards are also about discovering the soul effects of the plants and deciphering their messages. At the same time you get a lot more valuable knowledge about 49 wild herbs…. Read our full review here.

Edible wild plants: identifying and using 200 species

Of i.a. Steffen Guido Fleischhauer
More and more people are realizing that numerous wild herbs can have a very positive and important function for our nutrition and health. In the book "Edible Wild Plants", 200 edible wild herb species are presented. The practical thing here is that these are sorted according to the shape of their leaves. There is sufficient detailed information and illustrations for each plant presented. But one should also know the poisonous plants. So here too the most important ones ... Read our full review here.

Wild green smoothies

Of including Gabriele Leonie Bräutigam
This book by Gabriele Leonie Bräutigam has simple, delicious and vegan recipes for wild herb smoothies. The author promises: "Wild green smoothies are mixed in three minutes ..., taste fantastic and provide the body with all the essential nutrients that are usually neglected in our diet today." Read our full review here.

Smoothie books

No matter whether you are new to the world of smoothies, want to read some background knowledge or just want to learn: there are now many smoothie books, there is something for everyone.

My green smoothies

Of Roman Firn Wreath
It all started when the author Roman Firnkranz wanted to experience the effects of green smoothies first-hand. From then on, he completely changed his eating habits. Firnkranz says about his book: “It is written for beginners who want to deal intensively with green smoothies. Above all, it impresses with the many practical tips that you otherwise only find sporadically in other books, as well as with a ... Read our full review here.

Green for life

Of Viktoria Boutenko
The classic for entry into the world of green smoothies! Viktoria Boutenko is considered to be the inventor of the smoothie diet. In her first work, the author describes her own path and that of her family to change the diet very personally. Ms. Boutenko describes personal experiences, explains the scientific background, gives tips and enriches the amount of information with recipes and specific ... Read our full review here.

Green smoothies - the power drink made from sweet fruit and green vegetables

Of Rose Marie Donhauser
Where does the “green smoothies” trend come from? What are green smoothies? How do the individual ingredients affect the organism? And how can I use smoothies specifically for health? In her recipe book "Green Smoothies - The power drink made from sweet fruit and green vegetables", the trained cook and food journalist Rose Marie Dornhauser presents 55 recipes she has created for every season and also gives valuable tips and background information on the healthy power drinks…. Read our full review here.

Smoothie recipes

Whether for beginners or advanced smoothie consumers: Tried and tested recipes and instructions are a good idea to broaden your own taste horizons. Because smoothies can be so many things - but definitely not boring. With smoothie recipes you quickly get to know new ingredients, but also how fruits and vegetables can taste harmoniously and what effects they can have on health.

Recipe books are also an excellent gift idea for anyone who wants to do something good. If the recipe book is then used regularly in the kitchen, you have given away a piece of health. We also publish a selection of our favorite recipes on smoothie-mixer.de - and those looking for more inspiration can find them in the following books.

Wild herb smoothies - pure power from nature

Of Evelyne Laye
This 87-page booklet has it all: The subjects of wild herbs and smoothies are prepared by the author Evelyne Laye in a compact and yet sufficiently detailed manner and make you want to go “green”. The book is very suitable for beginners, but “old hands” will also find valuable information and delicious smoothie recipes. All in all, there are two “hip” components ... Read our full review here.

Wilder Mix - Green smoothies and desserts with wild plants

Of Dr. Markus Strauss
This book is filled with numerous delicious and perfectly healthy recipes - all raw and vegan and all prepared in a blender, some of them are further processed gently. Numerous wild herbs, some superfoods and other high-quality ingredients are used. Either way, a must-have for you if you are already ... Read our full review here.

Smoothies, shakes & power drinks: 180 ideas for more fun in the glass

Of Astrid Büscher
Fortunately, its content is just as colorful and fresh as the design of the book. This ranges from general tips on smoothies and shakes to advice on various ingredients for soy products, leafy vegetables, dried or citrus fruits and their storage. Astrid Büscher's book contains preparation tips with very detailed step-by-step photos and nutritional information, as well as detailed product information with 180 smoothie recipes. These are so diverse and graphically well represented that you immediately get pleasure and want to put them into practice. It is important that ... Read our full review here soon.

The best smoothies

Of Gabriele Redden Rosenbaum
For those who like it simple, uncomplicated and colorful, the recipe book “The Best Smoothies” by Gabriele Redden Rosenbaum is just the thing: the cookbook author has put together a collection of 47 smoothie recipes on almost 100 colorful pages. The recipes mainly focus on feasibility and taste, because - as the author knows from personal experience: "Smoothies make you healthy and fit." According to Redden Rosenbaum, two things are needed for this: fresh ... Read our full review here.

101 smoothies: you have to try them

Of Eliq Maranik
In her book, the author Eliq Maranik not only differentiates between vegetable and fruit smoothies, but has also created interesting categories with breakfast and yoghurt smoothies and dessert smoothies. Depending on the occasion, you can always choose the right smoothie for yourself. Important tips for making, such as which types of fruit to peel, are covered as well as ... Read our full review here.

Green smoothies - from simple to refined to superfood

Of Evelyne Laye
This little booklet contains compact information on green smoothies as well as 100 smoothie recipes in the main part. There is something for everyone for beginners as well as for different tastes and for different focus areas. The author Evelyne Laye is convinced: “It has never been like this ... Read our full review here.

Herbal Liesels Smoothies

Of Liesel Malm
The author Liesel Malm now also has her best smoothie recipes. Convinced of the combination of herbs, vegetables and fruit, she has developed her own creations. She writes: “Without green plants, no living being can survive on earth.” From organic products to various liquids and sugar as taboo, the author describes ... Read our full review here.