How do I heal a broken toenail

Beauty hacks: repair torn fingernails

TEA TIME! This is how you repair torn nails in next to no time

Cold weather, snow and ice are bad news not only for skin care in winter. Dryness and feelings of tension often accompany us through December, January and February. Winter is not a pleasant time for the nails either. Because they become just as brittle, dry and tend to splinter and tear. That's the bad news. The good ones are: Repairing broken nails is not rocket science. In fact, all you need to mend your chipping nail is a tea bag method. Have you heard of the tea bag method before? In many beauty blogs and Instagram feeds, she has been celebrated for a long time as the ultimate ultimate in repairing torn nails. We explain in the blog post how you can repair your cracked nails with this simple method.

Repairing torn fingernails - tip for less nail breakage

The moment we realize it, the world often collapses for a moment. The small crack in the fingernail often not only throws back the growth of the nails. It can also be really painful at times. Because sometimes it really goes into the meat, and literally. Often the only solution to the problem is to reach for nail scissors or a file. Tip for healthy nails: The best and gentlest file for fingernails is a file made of glass. Metal and other files cause small cracks and irregularities on the nail edge when filing the nails. Cracks and torn fingernails quickly appear. Instead, it is worth investing in a slightly more expensive but gentler glass file. E.g. the KOH Crystal Nail glass file.

Repairing cracked fingernails - the tea bag method

If it happens that your fingernail is torn, the tea bag method will help you repair torn fingernails. Beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by this trick. In just 5 steps you can go from a torn nail to a perfectly shining natural nail without cracks. Here is the step by step guide to repairing torn fingernails with the tea bag method:

Step 1 to repair torn fingernails: Grab a tea bag

1 The first thing you need is a tea bag. Cut it open so that all you have left is the thin filter. If you drink loose tea, you might have the empty tea bags at home anyway. You can use that too. Remember, however, that the empty tea bags are usually a little thinner than the bags in which the finished tea from Messner and Co. is filled. Grab your tea bag and cut out a small rectangular piece that's just the right size to cover your crack in your fingernail.

Step 2 of the tea bag method: lay the foundation with a base coat

2 Now you need a well-adhering basecoat, for example the KOH undercoat anti aging. Puts a layer on the nail that you have naturally cleaned and freed from nail polish beforehand. Preferably with a gentle nail polish remover like this Treat Collection Nail Polish Remover. It is acetone-free and contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen the nails. So that you have to worry about torn fingernails as rarely as possible in the future.

If you have applied the base coat to the cracked nail that you want to repair with the teabag method, then immediately place the piece of teabag on the crack. It is very important that the base coat is not yet dry. The tea bag should "sink" nicely into the base coat and bond with the layer that the paint forms on your nail. You can also use tweezers to carefully press the teabag cutout onto the nail so that the crack is better sealed.

Step 3: seal and repair the cracked nail

3 Has the first layer of base coat with the tea bag filter dried a little? Then it's time to apply a second layer of Base Coat. This will seal the tea bag for this method for repairing torn fingernails. And not only that. Slightly thicker pieces of teabag then no longer protrude from the nail bed. Instead, a smooth surface forms as soon as the second layer of base coat has dried. You can no longer tell that a piece of filter from a teabag is stuck to your nail by simply touching the nail. In addition, the paper from the tea bag is now finally fixed.

When applying the second layer of Base Coat, make sure that you also apply enough varnish to the edges of the nail. Otherwise it could happen that a piece of teabag will leak out at the edge at the end. Not only does this look unsightly, it can also lead to new, cracked fingernails if you accidentally get stuck somewhere.

Step 4: Let it dry and file down - repair torn fingernails

4 Now you're almost there. Let your two layers of base coat dry well. Depending on how thick you have applied, this may take a little longer. So be patient. By the way, you can accelerate the drying process of all types of paint with a quick-drying top coat like this Treat Collection Fast Drying Top Coat. With a thin layer on the nails, the thin top coat ensures that the layers underneath dry and set faster. Once the whole thing is dry, all that remains is to file off the protruding remnants of the tea filter. The best thing to do is to use your glass file again.

Step 5: paint on it and everything will be good again!

5 So that your previously torn fingernail does not show that you have repaired it, you brush another layer of your favorite nail polish color over it. It gets classic red with the Treat Collection Nail Polish Summertime. The glowing coral red comforts you with its radiance over the torn nail. It gets subtle, delicate and nude with the Treat Collection Nail Polish Snowdrops.

Repairing torn fingernails with the teabag method is a bit more time-consuming than a normal manicure. But it's worth the time if you can save your broken nail for it, right? The repair will of course only last until the next time you use nail polish remover to tackle your nails. The teabag method is therefore not a solution in the long term. But it is particularly suitable for letting deeply torn nails grow out a bit. If you then have to trim your nails, at least it doesn't hurt that much anymore!

I hope this helpful method has helped you fix your next nail mishap. It works after all; Repairing cracked fingernails is not impossible. As a temporary solution, the tea bag method is certainly unbeatable if you don't want to have artificial nails glued on.