When does Samsung foldable phone start?

Not foldable as often as promised: Samsung Galaxy Fold remains unstable

Samsung states for its Galaxy Fold that the smartphone can withstand at least 200,000 folding processes without damage. However, an independent test setup shows that the folding smartphone did not want to take part more than 120,000 times.

The folding doesn't work as well as advertised

At the second presentation of its first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, Samsung also emphasized that the mechanism had been checked for its long-term endurance with extensive tests. The group wants to have determined that users can open and close the device at least 200,000 times. CNET now contradicts this statement after checking the long-term durability of the device in its own test setup.

As CNET reports according to Golem, the number of folds advertised by Samsung could not be reached by a long way during the review. After 119,380 folding processes, the editors had to discover that half of the display was refusing to work, with 120,169 folds the entire display had failed. What CENT also notes: After the test, the joint also showed signs of fatigue and no longer closed as tightly.

As Golem writes in his report, there are clear differences between the test setup from Samsung and CNET. The US technology magazine opened and closed the smartphone much faster in its test - this fact could of course also have led to a shorter lifespan.

Still enough for several years

In addition, the Golem colleagues calculate that even the significantly lower number of folds should hardly be of importance in everyday life for users. If the device were opened and closed 100 times a day, 36,500 folding processes would be achieved in one year. Even with the value determined by CNET, the display has a service life of more than three years.

In addition: As we were able to report recently, Samsung is making the replacement of the display relatively cheap at a price of 150 euros. If the foldable ad should fail after 3 years, users don't have to dig too deep into their pockets. But: This offer is only valid for devices that are bought before December 31, 2019, after which Samsung is currently quoting the price at a hefty 599 US dollars. Smartphone, Samsung, display, foldable, foldable display, foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy FoldSteve Kovach / Twitter
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