What Bollywood movie songs do you like

8 music

Instrument, -e (n.) - here: an object with which one can make music

Livelihood (m., Only in singular) - the money you need to pay for things like food, clothing and housing

self-employed - here: freelance; not employed

common - common practice; common

followed by - next to it

to | create - to buy; to get

these days - at the present time

be the case - hold true; be so

to free - make free

to | let go - let go; let go

off | switch - here: relax

Snake, -n (f.) - here: a reptile without legs with a long, narrow body

Valves - well working; success

Ska (m., Singular only) - a style of music that was developed in Jamaica from rhythm and blues (forerunner of reggae)

Reggae (m., Singular only) - a style of music from Jamaica

Rocksteady (m., Singular only) - a style of music from Jamaica that developed from ska and passed into reggae

Main component, -e (m.) - the most important or largest part of a thing

cover (from English) - make a new recording of a song that another singer or group was previously successful with

secure the income - ensure the existence; make sure that you have enough money to live on