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10 Best IDE and Compilers for C / C ++ Developers

C and C ++ have become an important and fundamental programming language for learning other advanced computer programming languages. Most computer programming languages ​​use the same methods for writing instructions. I want to share some of the best Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and compilers for C and C ++. As we all know, C is a structured programming language and C ++ is the Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP). We have a single IDE and compiler that can run most programming languages. Some IDEs recognize your language based on your code, and some IDEs recognize your code based on the type of files you have saved.

The IDE and compilers I've listed below don't just support C and C ++. They support other computer programming languages ​​like C # (C Sharp), Java, and more. Most people use IDE such as Visual C ++ from Microsoft and TURBOC ++ from Borland International. Aside from Visual C ++ and TURBOC ++, I've listed the 10 best IDEs and compilers that most utilities provide for developers.

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# 1 Eclipse

Eclipse is the better IDE and compiler for those who need a better one. The Eclipse IDE and compiler are most useful for developers. The Eclipse Foundation has developed separate IDEs and compilers for different languages. In some cases, we may find that they may have been more focused on each and every one of their products as the coding work becomes easier and we would spend more time on them if we were to develop an exclusive program or application that would only do a certain activity . We'd better apply too. Eclipse IDE and compilers are supported on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Eclipse is open source software. You can also report a bug on your site if you find a bug on your IDE and compiler.

# 2 Code :: Blocks

I really love this IDE because they expand their software to meet our needs. Code Blocks allows you to extend the software using plugins available for Code Blocks. There are many code block plugins available. Since Code Blocks is an open source software, Code Blocks developers have become more. This increases the number of plugins available for code blocks. The blocks of code are an IDE and a compiler that can be run on different platforms. The IDE is intended for C ++ only, but it seems you can run C programs as well.

# 3 NetBeans

NetBeans is an IDE and compiler that can run Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It is one of the most widely used integrated development environments. Like code blocks, NetBeans also offer plugins for extending the software. NetBeans is also an open source application. It has a large number of plugins. NetBeans has full support for C and C ++. They also provide support for web application development using Java and PHP.

# 4 Digital Mars

Digital Mars is a free IDE and compiler for C and C ++. They also develop for programming languages ​​like D and DMD. Most importantly, I have to say that their C and C ++ compilers are more powerful than others. This could also be due to frequent use of C and C ++. Digital Mars may have focused more on its IDE and compilers for C and C ++.

# 5 CodeWarrior

As for the name, they are more powerful for compiling C and C ++. CodeWarrior was developed by FreeScale and the IDE runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. The application simplifies most complex activities. The automated framework makes the developer's work easier and simpler.

# 6 SkyIDE

SkyIDE is an IDE and compiler for C ++, Java and other languages ​​too, but here we are talking about C and C ++. SkyIDE is the most popular IDE and compiler for C and C ++. Like other IDEs, SkyIDE also offers an automatic command completion function. SkyIDE has done a lot to develop a powerful IDE and compilers for C and C ++. They support Java and HTML, but the preference for C and C ++ is so high that a C and C ++ developer can feel it while working on it.

# 7 Dev-C ++ from Bloodshed Software

Most IDE and compilers for C and C ++ The functions listed above also support other programming languages. As the name suggests, Dev-C ++ offers full support for C ++. Dev-C ++ is an IDE and compiler that can support both C and C ++. They can be used in conjunction with Cygwin or any other GCC-based compiler. The latest Dev-C ++ version 5 software is currently in beta and has most of the functionality on par with previous versions of Dev-C ++. Dev-C ++ is only supported on Windows, but released under the GNU General Public License.

# 8 CodeLite

The latest version of CodeLite 4.1.5770 was released a few days ago, on August 29, 2012. CodeLite is an exclusive integrated development and environment compiler for C and C ++. They are open source and CodeLite is supported on different platforms like Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X.

# 9 MinGW

MinGW, which means Minimalist GNU for Windows. It offers GUI-based integrated development environment and compilers for C, C ++, ADA and FORTRAN. MinGW is an IDE and compiler for C and C ++ which essentially depend on DLL files on Windows.

# 10 Ultimate ++

Ultimate ++ is a compiler and an integrated development environment exclusively for C ++. It offers the developer a graphical user interface and a powerful base engine that supports most of the syntax. It is supported on different platforms. TheIDE can work with some of the C and C ++ IDEs and compilers listed above. It can work with GCC, Visual C ++ and MinGW.

Share your comments here. If you want to share other best or your favorite IDE and compilers for C and C ++, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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