Which is the best Indian parenting book

The best parenting guides and books for parents

  • Raising children as a young parent can be difficult.
  • But is there any right formula for doing it right with the little ones?
  • We show you the five best books for young parents.

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For all possible activities you need a certificate, a training course, a certificate. If you want to drive, you have to pass an exam to get your driver's license. If you want to become a doctor, you have to successfully complete a six-year course. Kindergarten teachers must complete training in order to be allowed to work. But anyone who has their own children does not have to prove that he or she can raise children. The interaction from parent to child is the be-all and end-all.

Parents' guide and co .: Help in book form

It is not surprising that many young parents initially feel overwhelmed by the new task. The responsibility of raising a young being and leading it through life rests heavily on their shoulders. Social pressure and the expectations associated with it don't make it any easier - on the contrary! Should the child grow up bilingual and start exercising before they can walk properly? Should it always have the latest toys and clothes to go with it? Should you always keep an eye on the child and when can you trust the child? And the questions and worries just don't stop. Books can often provide answers to these questions.

Educational guide - non-fiction or a novel?

A parenting guide may come in handy for some parents. Or a novel that deals with raising children and alleviates your own fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed. But when looking for help you will quickly be overwhelmed by the number of advisors. How should you know which one really helps and supports your own parenting skills? We have therefore put together a fine selection that will help you to find your self-confidence without having to follow dogmatic, inflexible instructions. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. As long as you love your child, everything will be fine. Because they all grow up.

The best books for young parents:

"Your self-determined child: support for parents whose children strive for autonomy at an early age"

"Your self-determined child: Support for parents whose children strive for autonomy at an early age" by Jesper Juul - 20.00 euros on Amazon *

Jesper Juul is a luminary among parenting and family therapists. His post-democratic approach and focus on (and not) education has revolutionized the way children are treated. His focus is on togetherness, respect and trust among one another. Since children learn through imitation, it makes little sense to show them mistakes when they have adopted them from their own parents. In Juul's eyes, it is therefore important to strive for “equality”, in which the parents understand the behavior of the children as symptoms of the family situation and take care of themselves.

"Everyday parenting madness: Why perfect parents get on your nerves"

"The everyday madness of upbringing: Why perfect parents are annoying" by Katrin Wilkens - 10.50 euros at Amazon *

Actually, as a new parent you just don't want to go wrong and give your children the best values. It can therefore happen quickly that one quickly overshoots one's own goal and unnecessarily burdens oneself as mother and father and, above all, the child. Sometimes you just have to look at the absurdities of others in order to approach the situation a little more calmly. As a mother of three, Katrin Wilkens has gathered her own experiences: "I know what I am writing about when I say: Keep your hands off parenting guides!"

"Survival tips for adoptive parents"

"Survival tips for adoptive parents" by Christel Rech-Simon and Fritz B. Simon - 16.95 euros on Amazon *

The authors, psychotherapists and adoptive parents Christel Rech-Simon and Fritz B. Simon have succeeded in writing an informative and poignant manual in which adoptive parents feel understood and still receive one or the other helpful food for thought. Of course, these aren't recipes that work according to the scheme every time. They are true-to-life stories that are meant to make you think and show that it is okay the way it is. Family is built on unconditional love and hope, no matter how it comes about.

"Pretty close to happiness"

"Pretty close to happiness" by Saira Shah - 14.99 euros on Amazon *

You don't have to read a guidebook straight away to approach parenthood in a more relaxed, loving and self-assured manner. The experiences of another family with their challenges and worries can help to see one's own situation in a different light. Saira Shah tells the heartwarming story of a young family who, with their daughter, who was born with a disability, start a new life in a foreign country. Moving and touching, she tells of doubts, excessive demands, loneliness and the struggle for hope and love. This poignant novel is a must-have for anyone who has yet to get used to the great happiness.

"Attention baby"

"Attention Baby" by Michael Mittermeier - 9.99 euros on Amazon *

It should be the greatest happiness and bring everlasting joy. But in reality it often looks different. Sometimes you blame yourself when things don't go so well and suffer from the fact that you don't get into the parenting role as you expected (or get it conveyed by society). It is therefore important not always to take the whole child-rearing process, yourself and others too seriously with their opinions and advice, but with humor. Unintentional and well-intentioned mistakes are made by all parents. The comedian Michael Mittermeier knows his way around and writes down his new knowledge after the birth of his daughter with a lot of humor and self-irony.

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Disclaimer: We're looking for products for you that we think you'll like. The selection is subjective, but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, i.e. if you make a purchase using a link marked with an asterisk, we receive a small commission. Our recommendations and the selection of products are not influenced by this. The content is also independent of our advertising marketing. You can find our guidelines for journalistic independence here:www.axelspringer.com/de/leitlinien-der-journalistische-indabhaengigkeit