Who invented the diving flag

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Alpha flag / diver flag ??


am a little confused with the diving flag, maybe someone can tell me about it.

The Alpha flag (white / blue) is the international diving flag. This signals that divers are in or underwater.

In all shops, however, the red flag (with a white diagonal bar) is also sold as an international flag. My understanding so far has been that the red flag (white diagonal bar) is only the national tacher flag for America.

Am I making a mistake?

Would be nice if someone could say something about it

Greetings Nobi
From a purely maritime point of view, the red and white does not exist. Nevertheless, a number of skippers around the world are more familiar with the red and white. However, the alpha flag (blue-white) is written out as "diver in the water" and you should take it (at Lake Constance, for example, the red and white is not recognized).
The red-and-white was invented at some point for reasons that were not apparent to me.
the red and white was introduced as an explicit diving flag, the alpha flag, on the other hand, is also part of the flag alphabet and, with its secondary meaning, afaik, does not even explicitly stand for "diver" but generally for people in the water, so it tends to be misunderstood.
In addition, it has acquired its meaning as a "diver" flag more in connection with underwater work on the respective ship - and there is n small difference whether someone fishes n rope out of the screw and other boats should therefore not go alongside and should rather keep a distance of 5m, or whether you have to reckon with large, disoriented fish suddenly appearing in a radius of 200m around a diving boat;)

hence the red-white diving flag has its purpose, the only problem is that no captain is obliged to obey it or even to know it, because it - as described - officially has nothing to do with ships.

also with the Alpha 200m distance must be kept!

Hello TV

who or what introduced the red and white as a diving flag? If one can speak of introduction at all, only the alpha flag is valid internationally. Many national rules / regulations are derived from international ones or, in many cases, adopted identically. See Jessica's answer that Lake Constance international is the same as national in terms of flags.

My research so far. The red and white is the NATIONAL diving flag for AMERICA. This means that divers in / under water are / must / should be indicated in America. But national America is not the same as international. I suspect that PADI brought the red and white flag to the rest of the world as a diving flag.

For safety reasons and ultimately also the legal situation resulting from this, divers should make sure to mark the dive site in accordance with the law applicable to this dive site.

How misleading then the suggestion of the shops that the red and white international significance has. Diver marks the dive site with the red and white acquired in this way in the certainty of being in compliance with the regulations. In a possible incident, however, you have to find out that he is the loser in this point. Bad advice or Tacher is not sufficiently informed about the national regulations ???

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Nobi was faster there.
Incidentally, the flag alphabet can be found here:
and there the red and white does not exist

and T_V, the Alpha explicitly says "diver below", and not person in the water!

By the way, every skipper learns as part of his boat driving license training

In addition to the Lake Constance Shipping Ordinance:
[snap] -----------------------------------------
Article 3.13
Sign while diving
(1) When diving from land, a flag is the letter “A” of the international flag order
(Double stand, half of which on the stick is white and the other half is blue).
(2) When diving from the water, this flag must be visible from all sides on the vehicle or on a buoy carried; It should be effectively illuminated at night and in poor weather.
[snap] -----------------------------------------
Article 6.06
Behavior towards [...] divers
(1) Opposite [...] vehicles, buoys or marked in accordance with Article 3.13
When on land, other vehicles must keep a distance of at least 50 m.
[snap] -----------------------------------------

Lake Constance divers
Yes, in Switzerland the alpha flag must also be set on ALL waters and here, too, there is only a 50m distance. But that's exactly what the recreational skippers either don't learn or forget at the first opportunity. But well ... that's another topic ...

Yep, there was once the apnea record attempt by IIRC Benjamin Franz on Lake Constance, where a bunch of ships was the "base" on the water, hung with alpha flags of all kinds and in abundance, and one of these leisure captains curiously * gurgled through * to see what's going on there. :O

Thank God, firstly nothing happened and secondly it passed right in front of the noses of the WaPo, who then caught him for a nice "briefing" and issued a corresponding notification

Or the captains who anchor directly * at * SZ24 - directly under the "Mooring prohibited" sign

or ... or ... or ...

What is not there ...

Here is a link to a really comprehensive link regarding the diving flag:



A question about the necessary size of the alpha flag on Lake Constance. How big does it have to be?

60 x 60 cm
Mine is 40 x40cm and I've never had any problems even though I've already been checked.

The main thing is that it is clearly visible.

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You can also

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