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Instagram allows users to list their pronouns on their profiles

Instagram makes it easier for people to address people with their defined pronouns. The company announced today that users can add up to four pronouns to their profile, which they can then view publicly or only for their followers. (Users under the age of 18 have this setting on by default.) According to Instagram, users can fill out a form to add a pronoun if it's not already available, or just add it to their bio instead. Instagram says this is available in "some countries" but doesn't specify any further. We have requested more information and will update it when we have news.

Some Verge employees already have the pronoun parameter, which suggests he lives in the United States. To get a better idea of ​​the user flow of the feature, see the screenshots below, Courtesy of News Editor Jay Peters.

On other platforms, users can also add pronouns to their profiles. Dating apps like OkCupid have already rolled out the feature, as have other apps like Lyft. Interestingly, Facebook allowed users to set their pronouns from 2014 onwards, although the feature limits users to "he / she, she / she and she / she". This still seems to be the case as Instagram offers more options.