How much does a servo motor cost


We also provide a modular motor kit for dynamic and precise servo applications. Choose your optimal servomotor from three synchronous and one asynchronous series: compact, low-inertia and powerful. Many sizes and lengths ensure a wide range of applications and reliably deliver standstill torques.

What are servomotors?

A servo motor is a motor that enables to check the exact position of the motor shaft as well as the speed and / or acceleration. Corresponding sensors and control technologies are used for this. In the past, servomotors were auxiliary drives that were designed for use in machine tools. The servomotor owes its name to the Latin word “servus”, which means “servant” in English. Servomotors consist of either one Asynchronous motor, one Synchronous motor or one DC motor. The difference between the motors is therefore not in the drive principle itself, but solely in their control options.

Which servomotors are there?

Servo motors can be used in synchronous and asynchronous servomotors distinguish. However, it is always a drive that is operated in electronic position, speed or torque control - or a combination of these. Very high demands are made on the dynamics, on setting ranges and / or on the precision of the movement. Servomotors are mostly used in connection with automation and control solutions, for example in packaging machines.

Our offer: synchronous and asynchronous servomotors

Asynchronous servomotors

Asynchronous servomotors are suitable for use in applications where high external inertia must be moved in systems and machines and safely controlled in the control. SEW-EURODRIVE offers corresponding drive solutions in the DRL .. motor series.

Synchronous servomotors

Synchronous servomotors are drives in which the rotor is driven synchronously by the rotating field in the stator using permanent magnets. A synchronous motor has a movement that is synchronous to the applied rotating field frequency.

This drive variant is operated on a frequency converter that has a suitable, controlled three-phase current provides. SEW-EURODRIVE has different versions in its portfolio. The optimized servomotors of the CMP .. series can Depending on the application, adapted to high dynamics or high loads become. Classic areas of application can be found in the food and beverage industry as well as in the construction, automotive, packaging and wood industries.

With the synchronous servomotors of the CM .. series, optimal control properties, torque strength and dynamics are in the foreground. These motors are ideally used in logistics, for example as drives for X-Y-Z portals or storage and retrieval machines.