What do old guys mean

What does "old white men" mean? Who are you? Meaning, definition, explanation

“Old white men” is an enemy of feminists and left-wing politicians. These men are assumed to be responsible for or responsible for the following:

  • Exclusion and disadvantage of women and minorities
  • Exclusion of foreigners
  • Inequality of opportunity
  • Distance to rejection of the multicultural society
  • Patriarchy
  • Racism / Everyday Racism
  • Sexism / everyday sexism
  • Rigid or narrow gender roles
  • Structural Discrimination
  • Differences in earnings between men and women (gender pay gap, wage inequality)
  • Destruction of the environment, destruction of the climate

Furthermore, old white men are said to be responsible for many grievances and suffering in this world.

The expression "old white men" is a provocation to some old white men and is sometimes seen as an insult.

The phrase "old white men" is a translation from the English language. Among other things, there is talk of “old white man” or “angry white male”.

Who are "old white men"? What is it that makes them special? What are their characteristics?

“Old white men” generally means really old men with white skin who are over 45 years old. However, the innate characteristic of skin color and age are not enough. "Old white men" means men from the western world with a certain worldview and who are privileged in certain ways. For example, they have a higher social status, enjoyed better education and were given preferential treatment in professional life. These old white men are wealthy and conservative.

In particular, “old white men” usually mean white men in management, executive positions and other management positions. For example, it is about men who are presidents of a country or a group. It is also about men who are bosses in politics and parties and who bear responsibility. Sexist machos are also considered old white men.

These powerful (white) men love their power, dominance and privileges. They do a lot to expand and maintain them.

It is characteristic of "old white men" that they do not admit their privileges and their superiority. They oppose the change in society and partly against liberal values. They close themselves off from questioning their own sexism or racism. They shut themselves off from changing their language in favor of politically correct terms.

Old white men let women do the housework and raise the children. These old white men cling to outdated role and society images. Sometimes they refuse to change their worldview and accept new circumstances in society.

With the attribute "old" it is assumed that the old white men are looking backwards in a way, mourn the old times and are thus in conflict with the new times.

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Criticism of the term "old white men"

Assigning people to a group based on at least one certain innate characteristic is (actually) racist. The expression "old white men" is therefore an expression for reverse racism.

The enemy image of “old white men” is a strong oversimplification, because not all old white men are the same or have harmed the world in the same way.

Circumstances such as the fact that men die earlier than women are usually not addressed in the expression "old white men".

"Old White Men" by Sophie Passmann

"Old White Men" is the name of a book published in 2019 by Sophie Passmann. You can find "Old White Men" on Amazon here * (* External link to Amazon and commission link.)

The book shows the interviews Sophie Passmann conducted with 16 old white men. In these interviews, she talks to men about feminism. She met among others:

  • Kai Diekmann (former editor-in-chief of the BILD newspaper)
  • Robert Habeck (politician from Alliance 90 / The Greens)
  • Kevin Kühnert (SPD politician)
  • Rainer Langhans (actor; member of Commune I)
  • Sascha Lobo (blogger)
  • her father
  • Werner Patzelt (political scientist)
  • Ulf Poschardt (editor-in-chief of "Die Welt")
  • Peter Tauber (CDU politician)
  • Christoph Amend (Editor-in-Chief "Zeit-Magazin")
  • Claus von Wagner (cabaret artist in "Die Anstalt")
  • Tim Raue (cook)
  • Micky Beisenherz (Author)
  • Carl Jakob Haupt (blogger)
  • Marcel Reif (journalist)
  • Jörg Thadeusz (journalist)

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