Which Nigerian player played for Real Madrid

Famous African football players: Samuel Eto’o

SurnameSamuel Eto’o Fils
Born10. 3. 1981
ClubsKadji Sports Academy
real Madrid
CD Leganes
real Madrid
Espanyol Barcelona
RCD Mallorca
FC Barcelona
Inter Milan
International matches80, 37 goals
successesOlympic champion soccer 2000, 2x Champions League winner, 1x world cup, 2x Spanish cup, 3x Spanish championship, 3x Africa's footballer of the year


Samuel Eto’o already played in the second division of Cameroon as a 13-year-old, so he was already a professional as a child. His career continued at a rapid pace when he moved to Real Madrid at the age of only 16. He was hardly ever used in the first team, but still played in the youth teams and in Real Madrid's reserves.

To ensure that he continues to develop at the highest level, he has been loaned to other clubs in the Spanish first division three times. When he showed himself to be better and better at RCD Mallorca, FC Barcelona bought Samuel Eto’o from there for their own team. Eto’o had already played in the city of Barcelona, ​​but for city rivals Espanyol Barcelona. This investment should be extremely worthwhile for FC Barcelona: In 2006, Samuel Eto'o became the league's top scorer, and up until his departure to Inter Milan in July 2009 he scored 130 goals in 200 competitive games, making him the third most successful goalscorer in the club's long history FC Barcelona.

The successful Cameroonian Eto’o also repeatedly showed his airs. In February 2007, despite instructions from his coach Frank Rijkaard, he did not want to be substituted on. Another time he cursed his former club Real Madrid as a “shitty club” without realizing that the cameras would capture it.

At the same time, however, he was also repeatedly the victim of racist abuse, especially in Zaragoza. There he was racially insulted in 2005, but the referee refused to hear anything. When he was racially insulted in the same place the next year, he left the pitch during the game.

Despite all these airs and incidents, he was always a support for the South African national team. At the age of 14 (!) He made his first international match, against Costa Rica in 1996. At the 1998 World Cup, at 17 years and three months, he was the youngest participant. In 2000 he became an Olympic champion with Cameroon, took part in the World Cup in 1998 and 2002 and, like many of his African colleagues, is extremely keen to see the first World Cup in Africa in 2010 in South Africa. At the moment things are not looking too rosy in the qualifying group of Cameroon, but it is not all evening yet.

The world of football would definitely be missing something if this talented, albeit difficult, superstar, who was on the World Cup stage at a young age, was missing.

Samuel Eto’o is married to Georgette and has three children. Eto’o's brother Étienne plays for Eto’o's former club, RCD Mallorca, and his family lives in Paris.