Why do people share testimonies

~ Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. ~

Who will narrate all the mighty works of the Lord, make heard all His praise? - Psalm 106: 2

The answer is: WE!

On this page we would like to share testimonies of what God has done to His children during seminars and beyond and give HIM glory. In his honor and us for joy!

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November 30, 2020 - Testimony from Gertraud Jäger "Aortic aneurysm healed"

In November 2019 I was in the life seminar and the request was for physical healing (two aortic aneurysms). I was a little disappointed because nothing happened and in June 2020 I had the second computed tomogram. The abdominal aortic aneyrysma became 0.6 cm smaller, now the surgeon is no longer interested. Whoops! I was so fixated on the large aneurysm that I only realized this healing later. I immediately asked God for forgiveness. Thank you Jesus, all the glory is due to you. Amen

December 1st, 2017 - Testimony of Peter Desing "God sets people and things in motion"

Hello dear Missionswerk team,

With these lines I wanted to thank you for the wonderful life seminar week in Imst at the beginning of November 2017. It was my first Christian seminar of its kind, after having been on the wrong track for most of my life. Now my wife has inspired me to go to Imst to see what happens there (to me). "Let's see ..." the Emperor Franz would have said. Yes, and I would say: The spark has jumped over completely.

I didn't even know praise before. The occasional "grumbling along" church songs during my confirmation time had probably "turned off" me in this regard. But since Imst there has only been worship music for me. During the long, nocturnal drive to Imst, I heard a BAP CD. However, with many interruptions, as my car CD player has always been bugging me! Yes, and then I bought the LIVEWORSHIP CD “With my life” in Imst (by the way, very recommendable !!!). It then ran for about 7 hours on the way back without complaining once! It was the first CD that could be played in the car without any problems. Let me say: that was sensational, but I also had an inspiration that this would happen, even if it was more than unlikely and technically remains a mystery for me as a trained communications electronics technician ... or not!

Well, by the way, I gave up my sporadic smoking without having made this my mind. I would now like to pack up the family and go straight back downstairs. My Christian life received lasting impulses from Hannes and his great team, thank God. I am particularly grateful to all of you for this. It was impressive to be able to experience live how the spark jumped over to almost all participants and how some Christian flames could be rekindled by the Holy Spirit. For me it was probably the best that could have happened to me. So I can only give you the very best references and wish you God's blessings on your mission! He will enjoy your work, and of course the many lovely and nice participants too!

November 8, 2015 - Testimony of Dirk Massinger "God speaks through his word"

At the life seminar from November 2nd to 7th, 2015 I put many areas of life into the light of God. I could confess my guilt and ask His forgiveness. Jesus paid for my debt and I was forgiven by the staff. So I was able to put a great burden on me. But God gave me more. The night before last I woke up reading the Bible. I was led straight to the following two verses.

Jas 5, 19-20: Dear brothers, if anyone among you were to err from the truth and someone converted him, he should know that whoever converted the sinner from the error of his way, he saved a soul from death and will cover the multitude of sins.
I would like to thank you co-workers from the bottom of my heart for doing just that. You have brought me back to life with God and your forgiveness has covered my sin. ("Whom you forgive, I will also forgive him")

1st Petr. 3:21: This is a model of baptism, which now also saves you. Because in it the dirt is not washed off the body, but we ask God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
As I read this verse, I knew I wanted to be baptized. If I had just brought my guilt to God, then through baptism I could ask God to give me the assurance that he has forgiven me and that my guilt has been washed away. I have really become free and I am happy to have regained fellowship with God. Hallelujah!

I had actually ticked off the topic of "baptism" for a long time. I didn't think I would be baptized again as an adult. But now was exactly the right time. God used these two verses to speak to me and explain to me what has happened these days and what to do. Just awesome.

September 6, 2014 - Certificate from Mirjam Seeger "Lactose intolerance cured"

"Four weeks ago I prayed for one of my colleagues against her toothache. The toothache did not change, but since that day she has suddenly tolerated dairy products again (she was lactose intolerant)! Perhaps because I prayed that everything would go back to the" Divine order "shall come!"

July 20, 2014 - Testimony from Mirjam Seeger "Healed Foot"

"Ten days ago my colleague asked me if I could pray for her foot. She had been in severe pain while walking for 3 weeks. I prayed and nothing happened, on the contrary, it got worse.
A few days later she asked me again. I prayed again and told her to see if she felt anything. I had read that the day before in the book "Calling to Heal" by Bill Johnson :). During the prayer she suddenly felt that her foot was getting cold. I said she could start thanking now. She did and that feeling of cold lasted all afternoon (although it was very warm that day). The next morning the pain had dropped from 100% to 40%! Isn't that cool ?! Thank you Jesus. "

June 25, 2014 - Testimony from Christine Albrecht "Prayer for healing in the café"

Hello my dears,
I have to tell, otherwise I'll burst. Today I was able to pray for my cousin in the café in front of Wasgau and tell the woman who was sitting there about Jesus and what he did for us. My cousin had severe shoulder pain because two tendons were torn off. So I prayed and then went shopping. When I come out again, the two of them are still sitting there and very excited they called me over again. She wanted me to know that the shoulder got a lot better. Then I offered to pray again so that it would be okay. Whereupon she asked me to pray for her jaw, which is totally tense.
Is not that great? Our dad is the best.
Greetings Christine

May 31, 2014 - Testimony from Gertraud Wurdak "Healing from headache and muscle pain"

I also want to tell you briefly what I experienced with Jesus the last week. On Sunday evening in bed I had a really heavy head and then prayed in bed that the pressure would go away. I was then able to fall asleep, but woke up during the night with a headache and remembered what Joaquin said about the nature of God. Its essence is healing, that's why I put my hands on myself where I felt the pain. I was so convicted by the awareness of his love and grace that I could only thank you for everything it was given to me. The pain disappeared and I was able to go back to sleep. Hallelujah! I want to give the credit to God for taking my headache over. On Friday, May 30th, I experienced the next relief from severe muscle pain in my left knee. I did gymnastics, stretched and relaxed. That helped a little. But then I decided to worship and look to Jesus and no longer to the complaints. When the friends about Jesus really took up space in my heart, the pain was gone. Hallelujah, all we need is himself! When we experience his love, all fear also disappears.I am so excited about how the living God touches my body and relieves pain that I expect a lot more from HIM.

May 29, 2014 - Testimony from Angelika Reinhold "Prayer while shopping"

After the seminar "Grace and the Supernatural" we 3 women from Stuttgart went home totally filled with the Holy Spirit. God met us in all our questions at this seminar.

After the first shopping, I ran into the well-known drunk from our village. Courageous and encouraged by the seminar, I asked him if I could pray for him: I was allowed! Wow what a step of faith. I don't know if he's free from the addiction, but I've now become freer and more courageous. Thank the Lord for that!

In the evening my daughter told me that her ear was somehow so deaf because she had had a cold the days before. In full faith I blew her ear and the ear was immediately free. The next day it wanted to come again, so we sent it away again and since then it has been gone, Hallelujah!

May 27, 2014 - Testimony from Sieglinde Schrempf "Prayer in the nursing home"

Just wanted to report that I left my "box" on the same day when I left IMST. We were in a café in the center of Imst, which is also connected to the nursing home. As we were sitting with an ice cream, an elderly woman walked past us with sticks, I said to the others, 'This is now the "woman with a stick" option,' we all looked, but let her pass. But it didn't leave me in peace, so I thought to myself, I'll go back to the toilet in the building and see what happens. Unfortunately, this lady wasn't there when I went in, but quite a few older people, one with a family visit.
During the time on the toilet I thought I should speak to someone now, but I was very annoyed ...

When I went out, I went to the family with the elderly lady and said that I had just been to a healing seminar in Hochimst and whether I could pray for her, -STILLE- I asked the older woman again, -D CONSIDERATION- then she said she had problems with her ear (left)!

So I prayed for her (the words were certainly very confused with excitement), then I wished her God's blessing and left ...

Unfortunately I don't know whether it was cured, maybe you will hear about it in Hochimst! :)

May 27, 2014 - Testimony from Joy "He makes everything new"

I was born in the east of Germany and spent my childhood years behind the gray curtain. When I was 6 weeks old, I was placed in a day nursery and, due to the move, passed from one hand to the other. In addition, my father was sent to prison for two years as a political prisoner. To this day he has not taken any therapy - it must have been so bad that he could not talk about it to this day. To this day, I have not been able to understand why I had to experience so many difficult things in my life.

In the seminar "Grace and the Supernatural" I got to know a participant from Holland whose mother and grandfather were in the concentration camp and the rest of the family, apart from these, were completely wiped out. During an intense time of common prayer, the word "Comfort, comfort my people" came into my heart. Suddenly I could understand all this pain and especially the pain of the Jewish people. Having experienced all that difficult now makes sense to me, even if some questions will still remain unanswered.

God is good despite all the suffering, death and pain. He makes everything new! He restores (Ezekiel 37). What a gift God gave us in Jesus. What a mercy!