Bucky Barnes is now the white wolf

White Wolf: Ryan Coogler explains Bucky Barnes' role in Black Panther

Spoiler warning: Bucky Barnes lay since the events of Captain America: Civil War on ice - even about the events of Black panther away. The Winter Soldier only appeared in the second post-credit scene of the solo film about King T'Challa.

But why did director Ryan Coogler forego a bigger role for Steve Rogers' best buddy? On the Empire Podcast, Coogler explains that he prefers Hints to the presence of the Winter Soldier in Black panther wanted to sprinkle instead of him appear personally allow.

This should characterizeShuri (Letitia Wright) be underscored as the leading scientist in Wakanda: Though T'Challa's sister has her hands full in the film, the cracking of Bucky Barnes is brainwashing no problemthat she has to deal with day and night.

"White Wolf": What Does the Post-Credit Scene Mean?

Also, the Winter Soldier would not have been of any help in T'Challa's battle for the throne of Wakanda: he was named Assassin trained to kill people instead of bringing them peace. After waking up from the cold sleep, Bucky would be up for the time being thanks to his PTSB spiritual guidance been instructed.

This direction appears to Shuri the Winter Soldier in the wake of the second post-credit scene from Black panther to deliver: T'Challa's sister is waiting for him in an idyllic corner of Wakanda and describes him as "White wolf". In the comic, the White Wolf is an outsider who becomes the protector of Wakanda alongside the Black Panther.

In Avengers: Infinity War Bucky should do justice to this role: The Super Bowl trailer already showed the Winter Soldier in the ranks of the soldiers of Wakanda - with a new arm made of Vibranium without Soviet star.

Black panther is since 15th February 2018 seen in the cinema. The Marvel boardroom is already planning a sequel and is hoping to recruit Ryan Coogler as a director.

The new Marvel film was convincing in our review. We'll also tell you what's in thePost credits scenesyou can see. For a look behind the scenes you can click here.

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