Which drugstore concealer has the best coverage

5 of the best drugstore concealers

Sometimes they are as black as our soul and can hardly be hidden: dark shadows under the eyes. Almost everyone has them, hardly anyone likes them. Dark circles have many causes and can be caused by, for example too less sleep,too much alcohol, nicotine or insufficient water supply to be triggered.


However, none of these triggers have to be present, because the skin structure alone means that dark shadows are visible under the eyes. The Skin at this point is extremely thin and has hardly any sub-fatty tissue, so underlying blood and lymph vessels shine through.


A good concealer is expected to do this Hides shadows, without settling in the laugh lines. Besides, he should Cover redness and blemishes and not be recognizable at first glance. Some concealment pens do not help at all, with others you have thick, light bars under your eyes. There are certainly many good concealers, we have picked out five drugstore concealers that we tested ourselves and found to be very good and which are also recommended by many beauty bloggers. The best: none of the cover sticks costs more than 10 euros.


5 TOP concealers from the drugstore

1. “The extinguisher” from Maybelline

The name takes some getting used to, but at least it keeps what it promises. Then the concealer can also calmly "The extinguisher" (or "Eraser"). It literally conjures up dark circles and is easy to apply thanks to the integrated small sponge. This concealer does not dry out and does not settle in the wrinkles. The only drawback: the applicator is not really suitable for pimples, as it cannot be applied precisely.


2. “Fit me” from Maybelline

A popular classic among drugstore concealers is the “Fit me” from Maybelline. It feels extremely light, but still has good coverage. The concealer can be applied precisely with the applicator and blended very well.


3. "HD Concealer" from NYX Professional Make-up

A great concealer with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Since the HD Concealer ”from NYX Professional Make-up is available in very light colors, it is also suitable for highlighting. It does not settle in the laugh lines and can be blended easily.


4. "Liquid Camouflage" from Catrice

5. "Camouflage Cream" from Catrice

These Camouflage Cream by Catrice probably has the highest coverage of the concealers recommended here. The texture is nice and creamy, but the cover cream is neither greasy nor drying. You can apply the cream with your finger or with a beauty blender. You should blend this concealer in dabbing movements.

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