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Corona: Crematorium in Zittau overcrowded - bodies relocated

The situation is worsening in the corona hotspot of Saxony. Because of the dramatically high death toll in Zittau in East Saxony, corpses have to be temporarily stored there outside the crematorium. The city of Zittau announced on Tuesday evening that the dead are to be stored “in the area of ​​the flood base” and driven to the crematorium “when released for cremation”. The management of the crematorium reached an agreement with Lord Mayor Thomas Zenker at short notice. At the flood base there is a large hall in which materials are stored that would be needed in the event of a flood.

According to the city, the number of deaths exploded in December in particular. While 45 people died in December last year, this month there have been 115 so far (until December 22, 2020 2 p.m.). In November the death toll doubled from 52 last year to 110 this year. 45 people died in October 2019, this year 73.

The number of cremations required is currently "sometimes exceeding the capacity of the Zittau crematorium," it said. There are significantly higher numbers of deaths, more admissions interviews, funeral examinations and notarizations in the registry offices. All those involved are at the "load limits". The city requested help from the district of Görlitz and the state government of Saxony in the event that the situation deteriorated further.