How do I sell Amway products

Often we are asked questions or we are confronted with opinions in this way. We recognize the inherent interest in our business and respect the opinions of others, which are never intended to be malicious, but are always the expression of the current state of knowledge.

Don't they have to sell a lot down there so that they get a lot of money up there?

If I knew as little about the matter as the questioner, I would definitely think that way too!

First: have to nobody has to do anything here. There are no sales targets or "penalties" of any kind for not making purchases from AMWAY.
But let's take a closer look. At Amway, you only get paid for what you sell. For your own sales with the trade margin (logical!) And beyond, there is a volume discount, which we call a bonus. The bonus is based on sales and grows with the size of the sales. It grows faster than the turnover itself.
Money is available here, which in traditional trade is spent on wholesale and intermediate trade, on logistics and advertising (all factors that we do not have in direct sales). You get this bonus in full for your own sales. After I have trained a group of business partners and with whom sales happen, they also get a margin and bonus. However, the total turnover of the group can result in a higher bonus than the sum of the individual bonuses paid. I then get this difference and it is the reward for the effort I had to find and familiarize the business partners with them.
But if I can only win a single business partner and who in turn builds such a group, then I will never be able to get even a cent, because he made the performance (the turnover).
Since Amway pays based on performance, those who generate more sales get more money than those who don't. This is what distinguishes a reputable company like AMWAY from pyramid schemes.

The practice shows again and again (and that's a good thing!) that people who are further "above" in the order earn less than business partners who are "below" them, i.e. who started the business later but have now achieved more .

"I can't approach people, recommend something to them (some say 'pretend'), sell something."

Initially, nobody can actually do that. Was there a time in your life when you couldn't drive, bike, or even walk ??? Why can you do it today? You learned it because you wanted (or had to) learn it.
Many people who tell me something like that actually mean something completely different: They mean: I don't want to approach people and I don't want to sell. Well then this business is not for you. Here in Germany you can also make a living in a completely different way, but all indications suggest that it will be more difficult in the future. The practice shows time and time again that starting your own business with Amway is no more difficult than making a living the traditional way. The advantage of starting your own business with Amway is that you could be independent of the goodwill of an employer or the welfare state - and that with the possibility of an above-average income, the basis of which, namely your AMWAY business, you can inherit later
It is clear to us that you are initially unsure and cannot know what might happen to you - I swear to you: nothing bad.
And you will never know unless you try it out yourself. You can try it out for 90 days, because within this period you will receive the low registration fee back from Amway, if you still want to. You could convince yourself of the invariably good quality of the products and their value for money, you would be able to understand the marketing concept where no one is disadvantaged (at most the one who is not included).
If you knew, as we do, that by participating in Amway, nobody has a disadvantage and the advantages are great and only depend on your own performance ... Would you not then reach out to people to tell them this good? Offer concept?

"Aren't the products too expensive?"

Yes - which one? "Hmm, yes, I don't know - but I heard ...
Have you ever used or even used up an Amway product for a long time? Not?
It's been a long time since we argue with people who have an opinion but no expertise. AMWAY has Concentratesthat should also be dealt with appropriately. We regularly monitor the prices of competitor products, which by no means have to have a worse effect, but which are regularly not cheaper than ours per application. Being able to do arithmetic pays off. If you think you are still not satisfied, please read on to question 5.

"Don't the products last too long?"

Sure, the products are durable! And that's on purpose. What is the point of offering the consumer a lot of fillers or water in voluminous packages? Families often cannot get by with a shopping cart when shopping for the week, and a small car can quickly be loaded to the roof. What amount of packaging waste is created!
Our Concentrates are economical to use and last a long time.
The questioner actually tells us that he cannot imagine being able to make a significant profit with sales of such products. Well, if you think it's just L.O.C.TM being able to sell may even be true. But we have several hundred different and attractive products on offer. The practice proves that it works regardless of what this or that believes.

"What does the AMWAY Satisfaction Guarantee mean?"

Important question! For me in particular, it was a main reason that I got involved in the "adventure" AMWAY at the time. I knew I didn't make any commitments and that I could never get in trouble with a customer. If for any reason he is not satisfied with the product I have purchased, he can return the unused amount to me and I will then give him the choice between an exchange product or a refund of the full purchase price. I myself then send the whole thing to Amway freight collect and get 100% credited to the price I paid. In the case of consumable products, this guarantee applies indefinitely for consumable products (saucepans, toothbrushes, ...) 90 days. This does not affect the warranty for defects, which is at least 24 months in the EU and extended to 5 to 30 years for some Amway products.

"Can you rely on AMWAY and build your future on it?"

Yes. Amway operates worldwide and has never given up a store that was once opened. Amway store openings are always carefully prepared and carried out in accordance with the laws in the respective countries. Therefore, activities in unopened markets are dangerous, business damaging and will be punished by Amway.
Amway's more than 50-year track record gives reason to calmly say: Yes, we can continue to rely on Amway in the future!

"How is the payment made?"

In any case, on time and correctly! You have the trading margin immediately when you sell. The bonuses will be transferred punctually on the 15th of the following month. Interesting for the self-employed, because here you get money reliably every month with the appropriate business structure, practically like a salary, even though it is not a job!

"What do I have to do to get started successfully?"

This is my favorite question to hear! Well, first you have to submit an application that you can only get from a business partner, he is then the sponsor and takes care of the induction of the new business partner. Incidentally, this also works very well online via Then, in my opinion, you should quickly clarify three points:

  1. Quality and value for money of the products,
  2. Concept (do you see opportunities for yourself to change your life in a positive way?),
  3. People (who are already there).

You will get to know the products best if you consistently supply yourself from your own business in the future - your sponsor will advise you appropriately, because he wants (perhaps more than you at first) your success. Now you will soon be able to answer questions 2 and 3 from your own knowledge. You also have extensive manuals in which you can find detailed information on all products.

These manuals will also help you understand the concept better. There is a very good chance that you will be sponsored by a business partner who belongs to the Schwarz organization, one of the most successful organizations in the world. You will soon appreciate this as a lucky circumstance, because you will then have a proven and recognized training system at your disposal. This will make a lot of things easier for you.
When submitting your application, you will learn that you do not have to purchase a minimum number of products or purchase additional training (or other) materials other than the official Amway starter documents.
If someone tells you otherwise, don't believe it! If you are required to buy additional and expensive materials to start at AMWAY, I advise you to call AMWAY (089 80094-0). They will be happy to give you the names of an experienced business partner in your area who won't ask such nonsense from you.
When you are later active, attending the training courses and other events, you will see that there is training material that is good and inexpensive. You alone then decide whether and what you need.

At AMWAY you will meet mostly friendly and helpful people. Others sooner or later disappear from the scene on their own because we do business with people. They cannot be ordered around or instructed, to present oneself to them in 'boss manner' is counterproductive.
You will find your place easily, you will have the chance to develop and learn new things. If you want, there will be many to accompany you on your way to success.

For you, it's ultimately about that You setwhat you want to achieve with your AMWAY business, determine how and when you want to do something about it and then you only need to stick to your own specifications. No more and no less.

How do I get my business out there? How do I get to customers?

Well, there is a wide range of experiences, and you can learn a lot about it if you regularly attend the information evenings of the Schwarz-Diamond-Connection, which is entirely at the discretion of the individual business partner. I would like something about here our To say the working method:

After you knowledgeBecause AMWAY products are of very good quality and very reasonably priced, you will of course very soon be using these products everywhere in your household. In our experience, it is enough if your visitors notice it. Then you will no longer have any products that are known from radio, television and the shop next door and you will certainly be asked about this by your friends. They answer, for example: "This is the best hair wash I know. If you want to try it, I'll order it for you and if you don't like it, I'll give you the full price back." The new customer will be satisfied, you will build up a customer relationship and with future deliveries you will point out one or the other product to your customer that he or she is not yet familiar with.

However, the majority of our customers come to us in other ways. After we knowledgethat AMWAY is good for us, we are going to invite our relatives, friends and acquaintances to us very soon, so that they can find out from us and not from third parties that we are going to build up another mainstay / a livelihood as a part-time job. In this context and with the help of our sponsor, we explain our marketing concept to you (so that you don't have to "worry" about us) and show you some selected products. Then we want to know whether you would like to join us and also become an AMWAY business partner. Since, according to our experience, we can only bring people into the business who have the desire to change their life in a positive way, not everyone will say "YES" to our offer, which is completely okay. We then ask these people whether they are not allowed to look after them as customers. In our experience, some of these people (including and especially relatives and friends) are then ready to become our customers, although ultimately it is mainly up to us how stable and long-term the customer relationship will be.

In the following years we will work constantly to expand our business by sponsoring new business partners for ourselves and our active business partners. The best way to do it is to write a "Who-Do-I-List" list, which can be used by absolutely everyone with whom we do not associate any unpleasant memories - everyone, including the family doctor! And whenever we think of someone, we write it down. We invite these people over to us and then it goes on as with relatives and friends.

Our concept is: first explain the deal and then sell the product.

That is not my strength!