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The art director

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The job as an art director is
  • paid very well
  • creatively demanding
  • a job with a lot of prospects
  • in demand in many areas
  • diversified
Art director duties
  • Analysis of the market and the target group
  • Development of plans and campaigns
  • Negotiation of the campaigns with the clients
  • Implementation of the plans
Annual salary:
25.000 € – 108.000 €

Depending on

  • Corporate branch
  • Company size
  • Experience & qualifications
  • Responsibility for the company

Are you currently thinking about your professional future and prospects and stumbled upon the profession of art director? Would you like to know now whether the job could possibly be your individual dream job and which tasks you have to take on as an art director? We'll tell you not only which tasks an art director takes on in a company, but also with which training or which degree you can pursue this profession.

We have compiled all the important information about the profession of Art Director, tell you how much salary you can expect and of course show you the current jobs in this area of ​​work.

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The most common questions about the art director

The art director plans ideas and concepts and has them implemented by experts in his own company. He always acts in the interests of the client.

To become an art director you need to study. The usual courses of study are design, marketing or communication sciences.

An art director earns - depending on the industry and company size - between € 25,000 and € 108,000 gross as an annual salary.

What is the art director?

The Art Director is the creative and strategic head in the advertising environment, who creates and designs the ideas and concepts for advertising campaigns of all kinds. He is supported by experts from a wide variety of disciplines.

Job offers as Art Director

Art director: definition

An art director works strategically on the perfect look for an advertising campaign. The art director works in a team of copywriters, illustrators and layouters who implement the ideas and concepts that the art director develops for him. It is particularly important that the art director thinks strategically in addition to his creativity and takes the market, the customer and the target group into account in all planning.

As an art director, you are often the direct link between the customer and the company and ensure the desired customer satisfaction with your work.

The tasks as an art director are extremely diverse and often heavily dependent on the industry and the current client. The strategic tasks in particular take up a large part of the working time. As an art director, as an advertising expert, you and your team have to find suitable solutions for every customer request, for every product and for every target group, develop plans and ideas and then put them into practice.

It is seldom the case that you can work through the individual tasks one after the other, but are much more often involved in several projects at the same time. Before the implementation of your plans and concepts, however, they usually first have to be accepted by the customer and thus made palatable to them. For this reason, negotiating skills and language skills are almost as important as an art director as a creative spirit and a strong artistic streak.

In addition, as an art director, you have to get along very well with employees and external employees and experts and be able to convey your ideas and plans precisely to them. Every art director has to get along very well with people and be able to encourage them to perform at their best.

Because in this job you work with many different experts and employees and you have to convince them of your ideas and suggestions again and again. Only particularly assertive and communicative people can convince across the board in this field.

Art Director: requirements

As an art director, you are expected to be creative and resourceful. You have to be able to deal with different media and be able to deal with people. Dealing with people is very important because you often have to manage to convince them of an idea.

But of course the technical competencies and skills also play an important role. So if you want to get one step closer to your absolute dream job as an art director, you should already bring these professional skills with you:

  • Good business fluency in English
  • Experience in leadership
  • Basic knowledge of marketing
  • Basic knowledge of design

Your skills

Art Director: Training & Studies

The job title Art Director is not protected and therefore there is neither a suitable training nor an associated course of study. However, in most agencies this position is only awarded to graduates, as they have been able to acquire the necessary experience and know-how in the various courses.

As a rule, either a degree in graphics or design is required for the profession of art director. Training at an art academy or a technical college for design can also serve as the basis for working as an art director.

During the first part of the course, the students in these courses not only learn the areas of painting, drawing and illustration, but are also instructed in photography, digital design, typography and image processing. In addition, the following content is also available in the study programs:

  • To press
  • Photography & film
  • layout
  • Design theories
  • Communication theories
  • marketing

Much of this content is deepened and expanded by the budding art directors in their main studies. In addition, at least one internship is compulsory in many degree programs.

Basically, we advise you to do as many internships as possible during your studies so that you can fall back on a few work samples and references for the first applications after your studies.

Current vacancies & jobs

Graduate (studies / training)

Thanks to ever new digital media and digital marketing channels, the career opportunities for art directors are increasing significantly. So it has become a lot easier to find a job as an art director after graduation in recent years. If you have few references, however, you will often have to make do with a trainee position at the beginning.

With your skills and experience, however, you can advance very quickly in most companies and present your knowledge and skills as an art director in the creative area and convince customers. In addition, many companies offer the opportunity to work as a career changer in the area of ​​art director if you have the appropriate training or the appropriate professional experience.

So it is by no means a problem to find a job as an art director in a wide variety of industries and companies.

In addition, in most companies the art director rises in several steps. You usually start as a trainee or as a junior art director. If you have gained some experience and have been successful in the company for a few years, the promotion to art director is usually waiting for you, which brings new responsibilities and new opportunities.

Further experience and years in a company or a clever move can also help you advance to Senior Art Director. Here you are responsible for the large and important campaigns of a company or assist and advise junior art directors.

Helpful soft skills as an art director

In addition to pure technical competencies, various soft skills also play an important role as an art director if you want to be successful in your profession. The soft skills include the following important skills:

  • Very good teamwork skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Confident business English
  • Marketing experience
  • Interest in new media and new sales channels
  • A high level of self-motivation
  • A high level of organizational skills
  • Good networking
  • A high level of assertiveness

If you also discover these soft skills in yourself, you can go a long way in your profession as an art director. Because these skills not only help you to convince your customers, but also to motivate your employees and put your ideas and ideas into practice.

Art Director: Industries & Areas

The position of art director can be found in many different industries and is highly sought after. So it is not surprising that many companies in these industries see themselves in competition if a good art director is on the market. Among other things, as an art director you can quickly and securely gain a foothold in the following industries and companies:

Online and offline media houses

The salary as an art director depends on many different factors. Especially at the beginning of your career, you shouldn't expect any big increases in salary. As a Junior Art Director, you usually earn around 24,000 euros gross per year. After a few years of professional experience, however, the sum can increase to an annual gross salary of up to 34,800 euros per year.

With the development to art director, the salary takes another leap upwards. With the jump from junior art director to art director, the salary increases noticeably. You can expect an annual salary of between 38,000 and 48,000 euros gross per year.

The next big jump in salary comes with the rise from Art Director to Senior Art Director. Here you can expect an annual gross salary of between 54,000 and 100,000 euros. The amount of the salary depends on both the chosen industry and the size of the company. With a little hard work and perseverance, you can earn really well as an art director.

Career prospects& Career opportunities

further education

As an art director, you can advance in many other areas and earn more money. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities to qualify for higher jobs with further training. However, in your profession as an art director you can specialize in various fields and set your priorities there. The following advanced training courses, among others, are waiting for you:

  • Digital marketing
  • Online concepting
  • Psychology / sales psychology
  • strategic planning
  • management
  • Human Resources Management
  • animation

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

If you qualify primarily for the strategic areas and the areas with leadership aspirations, you can switch from art director to creative director.

This no longer only plans individual advertising campaigns, but is integrated into the creative and strategic direction of the company and is therefore responsible for significantly more areas.

As an art director, you have various paths and options open to make your job more exciting and interesting or to combine it with other management tasks.

Current jobs as Art Director

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