Why is the Lombard road so curvy

Lake Garda: the west bank of Lombardy and the hinterland of Brescia

Insiders like to claim that the west bank of Lombardy is the more beautiful. Why? Quite simple ... The lake side from Limone to Salò is further away from the motorway, the steep slopes are less built-up, the untouched hinterland is more extensive and the streets are narrower and more curvy. We at NEOCOMM are now looking after the most beautiful side of Lake Garda and will tell you where it is worth researching ...

Even those who have been to Lake Garda umpteen times and think they know it, will be amazed. Especially the west bank of Lake Garda with the well-known places Sirmione, Salò or Limone, but also the rather undiscovered hinterland offers a variety of topics. We introduce you to a lot of new, unknown and sustainable things:

The fisherman from Lake Garda: When Mario Monese sets sail early in the morning, it is still pitch dark in the bay of Garda. Instead of a compass and GPS, the fisherman relies solely on his experience - and his nose. The fish are already waiting for him ...

Garda Cooking Cup 2016: On September 24th and 25th, the motto in the port of Salò: put on your chef's hat and cast off! A culinary challenge will take place for the first time this weekend: 40 cooks compete for cooking on 40 sailing boats.

Unique items instead of mass-produced goods: Whether shoemaker or carpenter, baker or butcher - manual work is still very important at Lago: For example, the sisters Elena and Linda Filippi make eye-catching bags from used canvas under the brand "Kevlove". And Giuseppe Perolini conjures up his “Torta di Maderno” in his “Antico Forno” bakery in Toscolano-Maderno - a sin made from shortcrust pastry and vanilla cream.

The secret of the fountain of youth: We may not be able to reveal that. But we know why people on the Riviera dei Limoni stay vital longer and get particularly old. So much can be revealed: In addition to their Mediterranean way of life and diet, the Limonesians have a genetic peculiarity ...

The Countess of the Lago: The Contessa Alberta Cavazza lives on the beautiful Isola del Garda. She grew up in a neo-Gothic Venetian villa with 63 rooms. Part of their property can now be visited.

About Lago di Garda Lombardia: Lake Garda belongs to the provinces of Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. The “Lago di Garda Lombardia” consortium promotes tourism on the west bank and in the hinterland of Brescia. The west coast of Lombardy between Sirmione and Limone is particularly popular - a unique mix of mountains and water. Surf or paddle early in the morning, go hiking in the mountainous hinterland during the day, admire the rich cultural treasure and indulge in the dolce vita in the evening: all this and much more awaits you at the lake! www.gardalombardia.de

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