Should I still learn coding in 2019

Coding Golf 7 - Software and Tricks

Would you like to adapt your Golf 7 to your needs and define your preferred settings? You can do this very easily with an app. There are a lot of setting options and it is much more fun to drive a car that is set up the way you like it.

What software can I use to code my Golf 7 and what tricks are there? With the right app and a little time, you can set up your Golf 7 the way you want it. A Golf 7 has over 60 control units, almost all of which can be addressed and adjusted. In this way you can completely personalize your Golf 7 and set it individually. No more annoying beeps if you haven't put on the seat belt and switching off the start-stop automatic are just two of the many things you can do with the Carly app.

What you can code on your VW with Carly always depends on the control unit combination. Carly is constantly being developed, to adapt to this situation!

In this post we show you what is possible and how it works. We have also written down the best tricks for you so that you are a tuning professional after this article. So have fun reading and trying it out!

Special note on VW coding

Even if the MQB technology (modular transverse matrix) is great and makes a lot of things easier, one thing becomes more difficult: Coding your Volkswagen.

Since the Golf 7 shares its control units and electronics with up to 40 models from Audi, Seat and Škoda, you can never say exactly which control unit (in which combination with other control units) is installed.

Therefore, the following list should be treated with caution.

Don't worry - coding doesn't mean you have to enter codes

The term is unfortunately a bit misleading. When most people hear "coding" they think they have to learn some code, let alone program it. We can take away your fears right away. Coding is about setting the possible functions in your car. A software, an external diagnostic device or an app for your smartphone can help. The Carly app is particularly recommended. You only need to select the desired menu item in the very clear menu, make your selection and press OK. Carly will do everything else for you. The Carly app requires the OBD-2 adapter from Carly to access the functions.

What does OBD-2 mean?

OBD-2 (on-board diagnosis) is a standard that was actually only developed for systems relevant to exhaust emissions. This standard should therefore be used to collect and evaluate values ​​that somehow influence the exhaust gas values. In particular, it was also about error codes, which still play an important role today and can be called up via the app. Before OBD was introduced and standardized, every manufacturer had its own system.

Later this interface was used more and more for general communication with the vehicle. You simply plug an OBD adapter into the socket provided in the vehicle interior. Carly uses BLE (bluetooth low energy) for the connection. This means that your device connects automatically without having to search for the device in the list of Bluetooth devices.

In the USA they are currently working on the OBD-3 standard. Imagine the following situation: You drive into a workshop and the diagnosis shows that everything is OK. After 3 months a certain warning lamp lights up, but you ignore it. Only after 1 year do you drive back to a workshop for an inspection and you notice that the exhaust gas values ​​have been above the permitted limits for 9 months. This will be fixed immediately, but you have been driving around with inflated values ​​for 9 months. This is what it looks like with OBD-2. But how is that with OBD-3?

OBD-3 sends the values ​​(via SIM card or via satellite) directly to the appropriate authority in the event of an error and you can therefore no longer simply ignore the warning. If you do not have the error repaired within a certain period of time, you face appropriate penalties. It is still completely unclear whether this standard should also be introduced in Europe. But in any case it will be many years before then.

Control units are the vehicle's brain

Around 60 control units are installed in a Golf 7 (there were only 2 in a Golf 1) - together they form the car's electronic brain, so to speak. All are connected to one another via a data network and can be reached via the OBD-2 interface. Each control unit is responsible for a very specific task - one for the central locking, the other for the lighting system and again one for the window lifters. Each control unit can be addressed individually, data can be read out and given a new coding.

What can you code on a Golf 7?

The list of possibilities is long. We'll show you the complete list of setting options and go into some functions in more detail:

  • Turn signal: activate US parking light (coding with Carly possible)
  • Coming Home (CH) / Leaving Home (LH) functions
    There are several setting options in this area. Basically, the point is to switch on the light when the motor is switched off or the door is opened (remotely) so that you don't have to stand in the dark at night. You can specify that this function is activated automatically when you pull the key or open the car at night or only when you move the light lever (CH). You also have the option of protecting your xenon lamps by determining that only the daytime running lights and / or the fog lights are on. (Coding with Carly possible)
  • Parking aid (parking distance control)
    There are also various options for the parking aid. Should a sound be played when reverse gear is engaged or not? At what speed should the parking aid be switched off? Should the volume of the navigation system and radio / music be lowered when the parking aid is active or not? (Coding with Carly possible)
  • Deactivate seat belt reminder
    If the warning tone for putting on the belt annoys you, you can simply turn it off permanently. Of course, this shouldn't prevent you from buckling up! It is not a legal requirement to use the seat belt reminder. However, since September 2019, all new vehicles should be equipped with a seat belt warning. (Coding with Carly possible)
  • Air conditioning: display of the blower level in automatic mode (coding with Carly possible)
  • Turn signal cycle: adaptation
    If you tap the turn signal lever briefly, you can choose whether it should flash between one and five times. (Coding with Carly possible)
  • Lowering the passenger mirror when reversing
  • Reversing lights: adjust luminosity (coding with Carly possible)
  • Activate tail light as brake light (coding with Carly possible)
  • Save seat heating level
    If you activate this function, the same level of seat heating is set when the vehicle is started as when it was last switched off (coding with Carly possible)
  • Start / stop function: deactivation
    You can turn off the automatic start / stop with a switch, but you have to do this again every time you drive. To turn off the function permanently, you use this setting here. (Coding with Carly possible)
  • Headlight cleaning system: Adjustment of the interval (coding with Carly possible)
  • Headlight cleaning system for the front washing system: Delayed response (coding with Carly possible)
  • Activate daytime running lights only in switch position Auto (coding with Carly possible)
  • Deactivate message about open doors (continuous tone)
    With this function you can switch off the sound that sounds when the door is open when the ignition is on. (Coding with Carly possible)

The Carly app

The jump into the world of coding is easy and all you have to do is follow four simple steps. First download the free version of the Carly app from the App Store or Google Play (also known as our "lite app"). Then you order the Carly OBD adapter at Next you connect the adapter to your car (it's as easy as plugging it into a socket), turn on Bluetooth on your phone and open the app. The app then automatically connects to your car. With the lite version you can check what is supported for your car. If you then see how many and, above all, which functions there are for your car, you can buy an annual subscription and easily code and personalize your car with your mobile phone. As simple as that.

You will also see that the Carly app is not only super practical for coding, but also has many other useful functions. We have listed some of the functions below and described them in detail.

The used car check

Assuming you want to buy a used vehicle and you want to make sure that the car is in order and, in particular, that the speedometer has not been tampered with, then simply use the used car check of the app. As the only provider on the market, Carly has the ability to diagnose various control units and examine the car for tampering. If you bear in mind that up to 30% of all used cars in Germany are sold with a modified speedometer, you are well advised to use this function.

Display vehicle data in real time

You can look at the various values ​​of the vehicle while driving - or save this data for later evaluation. In this way you learn, for example, how to optimize fuel consumption.

How “healthy” is my Golf 7?

The health check gives you an overview of the condition of your car. It combines various diagnoses such as error codes and maintenance logs and gives an overall rating in different colors. With green everything is fine, with yellow you should take a closer look at the problems before they lead to an expensive repair and with red, direct action is required.

Have the error codes displayed

During the operation of your Golf 7, there are always minor and major problems. All of these are logged in the form of error codes. Normally, smaller errors are corrected immediately by the electronics and the control units, because that's what they are actually for. Values ​​are called up with the help of sensors, compared with target values ​​and compensated accordingly until the actual values ​​correspond to the target values ​​again. You can read out and analyze these error codes. You can then delete them and watch whether old errors keep recurring. If so, something should be actively done.

The digital garage

Normally, all of your reports and diagnostic data are saved on your mobile phone. But you also have the option of parking all data in Carly's Digital Garage. So you can easily generate PDFs from it or send the data by email. This makes sense, for example, if an interested vehicle buyer wants data or your workshop.


Many functions can be coded and set on your Golf 7. You have to decide for yourself what makes sense and what doesn't. Some functions are really very useful, while others are more “exotic”. Of course, you can also just try out a function. If you then find that this setting is impractical or "annoying", just change it again.

Since coding with the Carly app is really easy, you can use it at any time. In any case, it's fun to personalize your vehicle and set it up exactly how you like it.