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How to find the right hospital

Content of the quality reports

All approved hospitals in Germany are obliged to regularly prepare so-called "quality reports" on their range of services in accordance with uniform specifications. The task of the publications is to make the services of the facilities and their quality equally transparent for medical professionals and patients.

In the case of planned treatments and operations, if it is not an emergency, you can obtain detailed information about hospitals using the quality reports and select the most suitable clinic.

The quality reports provide information about the hospital in general and the various departments - both with regard to medical and nursing services as well as hotel services.

The reports initially contain the hospital's contact details. This is followed specifically by the number of beds, the total number of cases and the diagnosis-specific number of cases. Information on the personnel key is also provided. The reports present the medical focuses and the corresponding specialist equipment and provide information about the medical and nursing services offered. These include, for example, acupuncture, nutritional advice or exercise therapy.

There is also information on non-medical services, such as whether there are single or double rooms, how high the costs are for using the telephone and internet or parking at the hospital. The accessibility of the hospital is also shown. To deal with risks in patient care, the quality and risk management, the error reporting system, the handling of hygiene regulations and the patient-oriented praise and complaint management are described. In addition, the special equipment is mentioned.

Access to quality reports

Quality reports can be found on the Internet. The Federal Joint Committee gives the opportunity to obtain general information about quality reports and to download the complete quality data of a hospital as a PDF file. Some portals - such as those of the health insurance companies or the Bertelsmann Foundation ("white list") - provide more detailed information about the quality data and offer search functions to compare the information and services provided by the clinics.

When looking for a suitable hospital for a specific treatment, it is helpful to ask the treating doctor for the exact description of the disease and the so-called ICD code.

Other sources of information

When looking for a suitable clinic, in addition to the quality data of the hospitals, a large number of other sources of information are available, such as:

In many cases - especially through the media - ranking lists of the supposedly "best" doctors and clinics are disseminated. These overviews and lists do not help you find the right clinic. Every patient has to make a decision based on their individual needs, if possible in consultation with the treating doctor.