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We will show you suitable programs for editing your drone videos. Image: Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

Flying and recording videos with drones is only part of the job. Then it goes to the processing of the recording material. But which program can be used to edit (drone) videos? What is the best drone video editing software?In this article we provide you with a selection of suitable programs. Both free and paid.

Video editing software requirements

The requirements for suitable software for editing drone videos can be very different. While one person only wants to cut out part of the video, the next one might want to cut an entire film together, including color grading, synchronization and everything else that may be necessary in post-production.

Accordingly, there are also very different programs with which you can tackle these tasks.

If you have a modern drone like the DJI Mavic Air 2 flies, you should make sure that the software can handle the high-resolution material (4k) and ideally also supports the RAW format. That way, you could get the full potential out of editing your drone videos.

At this point we will introduce you to some suitable programs, including a brief description, grouped according to their price model. Starting with free programs.

Free video editing software

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Windows Photos App

The Windows Photos app is a very simple application for editing videos. It is the spiritual successor to Windows Movie Maker, which is no longer officially distributed by Microsoft. You can't expect much from the free software. But if you want to take the first steps with video editing or just make simple cuts to your video, you can take a look here.

You can find the Windows Photos app either already on your Windows 10 system, or it can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Store.


Apple iMovie

Apple's iMovie is software that is available free of charge for MacOS and can be used to edit videos and add simple effects. This application is also primarily suitable for simple editing and beginners, but convinces with an intuitive user interface and many tutorials that can be found everywhere on the net. In this way, first successes can be celebrated quickly.


DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve (free version) is ours Recommendation in the free area of ​​video editing programs for drones. Hardly any other program provides such a comprehensive range of functions, even for more professional processing. Beginners will accept a steep learning curve here, but can then look forward to a multitude of useful functions for video and sound editing.

There are also innumerable ones on DaVinci Resolve very good tutorials, including on Youtube. If you want to do more professional work in addition to simple editing of your videos, you shouldn't shy away from the hurdles at the beginning when learning DaVinci Resolve. It's going to be worth it.


Paid video editing software

DaVinci Resolve Studio - € 315 (one time)

At DaVinci Resolve Studio it is the paid version of DaVinci Resolve. Compared to the free version, this of course offers a greater range of functions and is therefore aimed at professional producers. You can find the differences between the two versions in this document.

A big plus is the price. Not only is it quite cheap for professional use, it is also one One-time payment. So it is not a subscription for which the costs are due monthly or annually. Pay once, keep forever.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC - € 23.19 (per month - subscription)

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry leader when it comes to video editing software. Very popular not only with professionals but also with beginners and has also become affordable thanks to the monthly depreciation. The program comes up with numerous video editing functions that leave almost nothing to be desired.

There are countless instructions for Premiere Pro CC on the Internet that make it easier for beginners to take the first steps and advanced users to learn new techniques. Due to the range of functions, beginners have to be prepared for bigger hurdles at the beginning.

The video editing program can be tested free of charge for 7 days before the monthly fees apply.


Final Cut Pro - $ 329.99 (one-time payment)

With Final Cut Pro, Apple also provides a professional solution for video editing software exclusively for its MacOS operating system. Accordingly, the program has a significantly larger range of functions than iMovie, but it lags behind, for example, Adobe Premiere Prom CC.

However, it can also score points with the one-off payment, which can save costs in the long term. For users of non-Apple systems, however, Final Cut Pro is not an option due to its exclusivity for macOS. They have to use one of the alternatives to edit drone videos.


Mobile video editing software

In the age of mobility there are of course some mobile applications for editing drone videos. But it should be said right away that none of these really do professional work. But if it's just a short clip for social media channels or friends and acquaintances, you can certainly be satisfied with one of the following apps.

For these reasons, we only provide a list of links here, without a long description.


There are numerous software available for Editing of drone videos and depending on your goals and requirements, simple programs are also suitable here.

We advise beginners to experiment with the programs available in the operating system in order to take the first steps in cutting and editing videos. If you are more confident you should take a look at the free version of DaVinci Resolve throw, a very powerful tool!

If that's still not enough for you and if you need more processing options, you can choose between the paid one DaVinci Version (Studio) Version and Adobe Premiere Pro CC decide. Both programs offer an enormous scope for editing drone videos and are well represented in the professional environment. The respective price model (one-time payment vs. subscription model) can also be decisive here.

Video editing for drone videos FAQ

What is the best drone video editing program?

If you want it to be free, we recommend DaVinci Resolve.
If you are willing to pay for good software, you should take a look at the paid version of DaVinci Resolve (Studio) or Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All information can be found in the article.

How can I edit my drone videos?

To edit your drone videos, you need a suitable video editing program for your PC or Mac. We have put together a selection of suitable software for you in the article.

How do I get the recordings from my DJI drone to the PC / Mac?

To get the videos from your DJI drone on your PC or Mac, you either have to connect the drone directly to your system via USB, or you remove the memory card from the drone and copy the recorded videos from it to your PC / Mac. Then you can edit the videos with a video editing program.

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