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When your catalog is in the cloud, it's easy to get your products into every potential sales channel. So you can sell where you already sell - or try new channels with less complexity, uncertainty and risk.

It's the ideal solution for a multichannel world where your customers are in more places than ever before.

And when we say 'networked', we don't just mean a simple network between the sales layer and e-commerce or print services.

Save a lot of time and avoid errors in your data that will fundamentally change your experience in product management.

Data exchange

Keep your commercial network up to date

Data sources

Use our import connectors to automatically integrate data into the Sales Layer and create a single source of truth that you can access anywhere.


Our export connectors can send product information to all of your customers - from online shops and private microsites to printed catalogs.


Discover our range of e-commerce and marketplace connectors. We help you to introduce you and your products to as many people as possible.


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