What is holistic development

School with a special focus on holistic development

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holistic development

  • holistic development (12 grade levels)
  • Graduated from school with a focus on holistic development

Pupils are accepted who need comprehensive special educational support in all areas of development (mental development, perception, motor skills, language and social development) in order to achieve a school education that is appropriate to their personal possibilities (special educational needs in the support focus holistic development). It is a separate course that is based on its own curriculum. The aim is to prepare the students for as independent a life as possible and for a professional activity within the scope of their individual possibilities.

With the 10th year of school attendance, all pupils are admitted to the work level. In the work level, the focus of the lessons is on the development of individual abilities and skills with a view to the transition to a professional activity. Schools with a focus on holistic development are usually run as all-day schools. The school leads to a special qualification, the end of the school with a special focus on holistic development.

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