How do I make a homunculus

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Hey guys
For some time I have been concerned with the following questions:
If I switch my homunculus to another element or just the skills, how does it work?

Question a:
My homie is built B-D-D. If I want to switch it to B-D-C now. Do I then have to pay the entire skill reset, or just part of it?

Question B:
My homie is built B-D-D. If I change the homie to another element. Can I redistribute the skills or does the Tree B-D-D stay in the new element?

Question C:
My homie is B-D-D unlocked. These are fully skilled with devilmons. If I then for example. would reskillen to A-A-A. Do I have to feed in new devilmons?
And what if I even change the element? Do I have to feed new Devilmons in then?

Hope everything is understandable ^^ I look forward to answers.
Greetings Schroki
If you reset a homie you can select the element AND all skills again. Skillups by devils and already acquired skill levels are retained - you just have to choose the paths again.

Resetting only a part of the skills is not possible, only completely.
Think carefully about which path you want to go, or look carefully at which skills you need. If you click on a skill, it is set. Then there is no turning back.
When you have farmed all skills, you get a free reset ticket for the missions. You shouldn't pick it up immediately, because then it ends up in the chest and is gone after 7 days! Simply leave the completed mission in place until you need the item - if you haven't used it yet
Can I, for example, fully skill Fire Homu and then simply switch to wind without farming wind?
Yes. that's exactly how you do it, since fire rift is easier than wind
Exactly, you can. As soon as you have fully skilled it, you will receive a free reset ticket at the Missions Achivements. Otherwise it costs 300 crystals or you have to farm certain materials again to reset them.

I farmed water back then and now it is on wind for Raid and Necro.
Then I do that too, because I can create fire SSS, wind only A +, S with luck ..
class I continued to do well.
Thanks for the answers <3