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"verre d'eau" en allemand

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  • The need for education is great, because incredible things have been said about AIDS with regard to the risk of infection from the coffee cup to the waterGlass, from the straw to the kiss, and there was even talk of the mosquito as a transmission factor.
  • A year ago, at the annual meeting in Washington, high-ranking IMF officials told anyone who wanted to hear that the whole national debt hysteria in Europe was a storm in the making waterGlass.
  • Instead of a small one Glass Brandy in a big one Glasswater is given, one takes a small one Glasswater to a big one Glasse brandy, add sugar to it and drink it.
  • I took the chip on which the three specially described fighters were fighting, carried it into my house, and put it under one waterGlass on my window sill to see the problem.
  • Storm im waterGlass is probably the best description of the recent skirmish about the start of accession talks between the European Union and Turkey.
  • Here, for example, it's easy to find a waterGlass to move, but difficult to balance the staff.
  • We don't say okay this waterGlass weighs so much, this handkerchief is so and so big.
  • About that waterGlass to his lips, he paused and seemed to be listening.
  • Envelope an envelope dissolves into one Glass 250 ml water or clear water Pi.
  • Don't pour hot water in the Glass. Otherwise it could jump.
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