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My last 7 years, my health and my experiences ... I am getting better and better

Dear readers,

For a long time I have wanted to write a detailed article about my health status and career, including how I am currently doing. Now, here on vacation in Jamaica, I find the necessary peace and relaxation to do so. Personally, I find “writing about yourself” quite difficult and I need the right moment for it. Some of you probably know that very well. This article will be a little longer and more extensive. I just can't write the last 7 years in short form, too much has happened for that;). But it is important to me to write down the whole “story” of the last few years. So I can give you a comprehensive and complete insight. Here in the blog you can find several more individual articles about my status over the last few years.

Year 2010

Everything was different overnight ...

I will go back briefly to the beginning of my “allergy sufferer” career. It all started with a bang about 7 years ago. From now on nothing was like before. I got my worst anaphylactic shock to date in the middle of the night, at home in my bed. My husband called the ambulance. I had to be resuscitated, was admitted as an emergency and was then in the clinic for several weeks. Even in the clinic, I received other anaphylactic shocks. The doctors were at a loss. They found no cause for my persistently poor condition. The allergy tests showed negative results, according to the tests I did not have any allergies. No other triggers for my violent reactions were found either. While still in the hospital, I insisted that the apple and tomato be tested by eating both. After much back and forth and because of my steadfastness, the doctors finally agreed. One day I ate a small piece of apple under medical supervision, and then three days later I ate a piece of tomato. Both times, further strong allergy shocks followed within minutes.

But how can that be?

The allergy tests were negative! The doctors didn't know the answer at the time either. It wasn't until years later that a resourceful allergist explained the reason for this to me. There are umpteen different types of apples and tomatoes in particular. Only the most frequently occurring varieties are tested during the tests. So if you are allergic to another strain, the test will not work. That was exactly the case with me. A few years later, a completely different fact emerged in my case. I am a so-called non-responder. This means that my body sometimes does not react at all to conventional test procedures. That doesn't exactly make life easier for me to this day. To this day I do not know which pollen and grasses I react to with my hay fever. But one after the other ...

Dismissed without diagnosis

I was discharged from the hospital in August 2010 without a diagnosis. I was given a list of 12 foods. At the time, the doctors rated these 12 foods as safe and safe for me personally. Since I am asked again and again for the list: The foods are individual and cannot be transferred to others.

For many more months I had to take high doses of cortisone and antihistamines. I felt terrible and was very scared. What happens if the incidents repeat themselves? At the same time I knew very deeply that I would find out what was wrong with me and I would get rid of "it" too. It was clear to me that I would not let these restrictions dominate my life!

The search for a doctor and your own research

I went looking for a doctor and have seen nothing other than so many of you. I was often not taken seriously, my complaints were dismissed and a psychological diagnosis was quickly made on the floor. It was by no means my psyche, I knew that for sure. In any case, my wear and tear from doctors and naturopaths was enormous and at first I didn't find anything. Today it is clear to me: It is almost impossible to find a suitable doctor if you do not yet know exactly what you are actually looking for. I didn't have a diagnosis - just these severe allergy shocks.

I started researching the web to see what might be wrong with me. I practically ate the internet back then. More than ever, I was grateful for the invention of the Internet! I was not able to work at this point. So I put my time in internet research and slowly a picture formed. I have to say that even at this point I was not completely medically unexperienced. In my main job at the time as a freelance communications strategist, my focus for many years had been in the field of health communication. So I was familiar with reading studies and specialist medical texts and was able to understand them. That helped me a lot.

At the same time, of course, I was racking my brains. What happened What could cause these shocks? Where does this constant body ache come from? Why do I store so much water? Why does my throat always swell up? Why do I sometimes look like a heavily pregnant woman? Why is my stomach rock hard and extremely painful? Where does this urticaria come from? Why do I have speech disorders? Why is my mood fluctuating so much? Why am I completely down some days? Are the aftermaths of my severe burnout a few years ago? Is that another burnout? Does my tinnitus have anything to do with it? Are the blatant changes in my diet and the 25 pounds I lost to blame for everything? Question after question ... no answers ...

The more I researched, the more I dared. Without medical attention, I expanded my diet and slowly increased my 12 foods. I had put together a list of foods that were low in biogenic amines. At the time, I didn't know about my severe histamine intolerance, but instinctively I did just the right thing.

If you eat the same, few foods over a longer period of time, you promote further intolerances and allergies. I know that today. In 2010 I had no idea.

Year 2011

The first ray of hope and a shock at the same time

Then, after about a year, I found the first doctor who brought light into the darkness. He diagnosed histamine intolerance, found gluten antibodies, a rather mixed up intestinal flora and extreme nutritional deficiencies. This initial diagnosis was both a shock and a blessing. OMG what do I have there? Help how do I become the Lord? Since doctors rarely explain much, I took action again myself. So I ate up the internet again;). As much as my strength allowed, I researched the current diagnoses. Again I made up my own mind and soon I was no longer so happy with my doctor's therapy. For me, other measures were part of the therapy, but he didn't want them. Doctors are often not very enthusiastic when you come up with your own ideas. On the one hand, this is understandable. On the other hand, my own case has brought me very far. Later I found "my" doctor. She is very open to personal ideas. She believes that nobody knows your body better than you do. Well, at that point I was pretty sure that there was more slumbering there. I felt better, but still pretty bad.

I lived a strict diet, a diet low in histamine and gluten-free. In the meantime I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I'll say that in advance: The diagnosis was reliably revised a good 2.5 years ago. But this also required committed doctors who were ready to carry out the examinations again.

What has helped me personally over the years was my irrepressible will. Even when I felt really bad, my will has always given me the strength to continue my education, to research, to see new doctors and to talk to other people affected. My will has also kept my psyche quite stable. The psyche plays an enormous role in some food intolerances. More on that later.

Now I know why the allergy tests don't work

In the meantime I found a good allergist. She quickly found that I did not do well with the traditional RAST testing procedure. So she tested umpteen foods with me for months using the so-called SCRATCH method. Here the skin is roughened a little and the respective food is applied. This scratch test works pretty well for me. After almost a year of testing, around 50 food allergies with different degrees of strength were found. That brought further light into the darkness. But she was also sure that there was more! Only what?

At this point I remark: In consultation with and at the request of my doctors, I will not give their names and ask for your understanding.

Are you looking for a doctor? Through the many contacts with those affected and also through my own experience, I have noticed the following: Often, in addition to gastroenterologists and allergists, doctors with a doctorate in the field of “naturopathy / naturopathic treatment” are very familiar. Doctors specializing in this field have undergone additional training in addition to traditional medical studies. They deal more profoundly and holistically with our concerns and look for the causes. You practically know both worlds, classical medicine and alternative healing and therapy approaches. Of course, I also noticed that private doctors in particular give their patients more time and attention - my best doctors actually all belong in this category. I am grateful that I can take advantage of this opportunity today because of my many years of independence - but at the same time I find that this is not a satisfactory situation. I would very much like to see even more statutory health insurance doctors in the future who can find out more about these topics

Many diagnoses at once and my sagging

By chance I found another doctor in my hometown. I arrived at her place in a pretty sorry state. At that time I felt worse again and my psyche was also affected at that time. She acted purposefully and extensively. Further diagnoses were made over a period of several months. My intestinal flora was still pretty bad. There were also fructose, sorbitol, lactose and casein intolerance. I still had gluten antibodies and of course my histamine intolerance had not gone away. My nutrient balance was a disaster, despite a strict diet and supplements.

Do not ask how I was doing with the new diagnoses back then. Even if I have an extra strong will and am a thoroughly positive person, that knocks me out. I had a slack of a good two weeks.

At first I went to the infusion every two days. My body needed vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, I was given autovaccine therapy to strengthen my immune system. We started immediately with a sophisticated intestinal rehabilitation. This was structured in phases and lasted a good year overall. In retrospect, I know what an important foundation stone was laid with this intestinal rehabilitation. Our intestines and their health are fundamental.

You keep asking me which preparations I have taken. I now know that, depending on the intestinal flora status, special and, above all, individual compositions are necessary. So I cannot recommend a specific preparation. Every intestinal rehabilitation is an individual matter.

The infusions were quite time consuming. It wasn't always easy to integrate them into my daily work. Not to forget: I also have infusion phases from time to time because of my tinnitus. Then I have to go to the ENT every day. Since my tinnitus fluctuates a lot, this is the right form of therapy for me.

During this time I once again “ate” large parts of the Internet and ordered medical books. I researched endlessly. Well, I had a lot of diagnoses too. You can perhaps imagine how big the building blocks were that I was amazed when I found out the following: Nerves connect intestines and brains! The vagus nerve and the limbic system are connected. Neurotransmitters and part of the serotonin (happiness hormone) are formed in the intestine. If the intestinal flora is disturbed, important messenger substances cannot be formed and sent. The consequences include depression. Aha, there we have it! Now I knew why my psyche was suffering so. I am a factual person. At the time, this knowledge alone helped me so that I suddenly felt better mentally. I had already doubted myself. My mental state did not suit me at all.

Further diagnoses

My doctor was sure from the start that there was a trigger for my extensive complaints and also the nutritional deficiencies. She ordered further examinations and analyzes. HPU (hemopyrrollactemia) was diagnosed fairly quickly. HPU is a metabolic disease that can also be inherited, but can also result from intestinal problems and stress. There is a lack of active vitamin B6 (P5P) and zinc. These deficiencies cannot be replenished by diet and often result in other deficiencies. Also read here: https://csn-deutschland.de/hpu.htm

Today I know that you don't have to have intolerance for life any more than HPU. Of course, only if they are not innate. In the first time after the diagnosis, I did not know this.

Year 2012 and 2013

From now on things were looking up

I can hardly describe in words what happened next. The diagnosis came shortly before I left for vacation. We had booked a vacation to Jamaica once again. We like the country and I can handle the food there so well. My doctor prescribed each of the supplements for me individually. Due to my strong deficiencies and the values, she adapted the HPU supplements individually to me. She needed 3 pieces of paper for my prescriptions and I picked up a whole bag full of "stuff" at the pharmacy. So from day one on vacation I started taking my dietary supplements. I had to swallow 84 different tablets, capsules, and pills every day. Horror! BUT - From day 3 I experienced something of a miracle. I was getting better day by day and after about 10 days I was fine! How good that I was on vacation in Jamaica before and was able to differentiate my condition.

I was in good condition at home too! That was really amazing. It was actually not due to the vacation! From that time on, my intolerances and allergies decreased. At first I was able to tolerate milk protein (casein) again. Then the histamine intolerance fell sharply and almost at the same time sorbitol and fructose as well. I felt like a powerhouse.

Allergies go away, others come

I already knew from my allergist that we would test my allergies every 2 years and that I had a good chance of losing many of them again. That also turned out to be true. My allergies were drastically reduced. However, there was a new and serious one, namely a chicken allergy. But only the meat, not eggs and neither turkey nor turkey. There are things!

I changed my diet

Since my chicken allergy was really severe and I had read again and again that a purely plant-based diet can help with food intolerances, I decided to give it a try. From one day to the next I changed my diet. I was vegan. The first few weeks were euphoric. I felt even better! It doesn't exist, I thought to myself. Madness. So I stuck with it. I now even tolerated legumes well again, and a few other things too. Actually, I only wanted to do the recommended 6 months and only eat vegan for this period. But since I was doing so well, I stayed with it for a good 2 years. Today I can say for myself that I should have left it with a purely plant-based diet for a maximum of one year. That would have been the ideal time for me. After that, I developed shortcomings. Defects that I did not want to admit at first. I never had such a free run. I still couldn't tolerate a number of foods. So I lacked the necessary nutrients in my diet. I also didn't want to add tons of supplements again. Maybe that's understandable. If you've swallowed so many capsules and pills a day for years, you'll have enough at some point.

My greatest achievement from this time is that I can tolerate tomatoes again!

year 2014

Another slump in health - contact allergies

From autumn 2014, I experienced another slump in health. My skin seemed to be falling apart. Above all, my face was badly affected. My allergist, who is also a dermatologist, ordered patch tests. This patch test should find out if I have contact allergies. What then came to light was once again really horror! I was allergic to all detergents, shampoos, shower products and toothpastes in our household. That was of course not enough, at that time I was allergic to some surfactants that are contained in all common products. I was there again! Regardless of whether it was an organic or a conventional product, at first I found nothing that I could tolerate and went new ways. Soapnuts and Indian hair powder were the solution, along with loads of cortisone.I hate cortisone, I tolerate it extremely badly and it gives me enormous weight gain (this time well over 10 kilos). But what should I do. In total, I took cortisone for almost 9 months. The body skin improved quickly. But the skin on my face was bad, very bad.

At that time I made the decision to switch my diet back to "normal" and to follow the advice of my doctor.

Year 2015

I feel even worse

In 2015, again on vacation in Jamaica, I felt very bad. So bad that my husband considered flying me out to the United States and placing me in medical hands there. I slept about 14-18 hours a day and had no strength. I had tremendous pain in my face. From eye down to shoulder, everything hurt on the right side. We gave myself another day and waited. That night was hell. I thought I was really giving up, the pain was almost unbearable despite painkillers. The next day it was better. The pain was gone! What was that now again? Can i tell you I went to the dentist right after I got back. I had a dormant neuritis on my tooth and it had tormented me so much. Since the focus of the pain wasn't on the tooth at all and my face was already affected anyway, I hadn't thought of such a thing myself. And once again: there are things!

Perioral dermatitis (rose in the mouth)

While still on vacation, I made an appointment with a new dermatologist in Düsseldorf. My face couldn't stay like this. In addition, I was firmly convinced that the pain came from the skin. This is how I looked:

I was hardly back in the practice. Diagnosis: perioral dermatitis and a strong sun allergy. Sun allergy? What? That now too? The dermatologist was certain that this could not be a permanent allergy and that it would go away very quickly. She was right! I haven't had one since then. She treated the perioral dermatitis with antibiotics for 6 weeks and bang, she was gone.

She never came back either. At the same time my rosacea was treated. I've had that since childhood. My new dermatologist explained to me that with increasing age (I was 47), rosacea could be the trigger for diseases such as perioral dermatitis. I got two sessions and she was treated with the laser. Pleasant is different, but it is very worthwhile. My skin has been so much better since then and I have no more difficulties. So if we had this construction site under control 😉.

In the photo on the left you can see me before the treatment (above) and after the treatment (below).

Year 2015 and 2016

Now also heavy metal poisoning

In autumn 2015 I was again quite powerless and often unable to concentrate. I hate this state of affairs. I'm a focused, coordinated and very tightly organized person. If I am unfocused and lacking motivation, it inhibits me so much. So I made another appointment with my doctor. At this point I was already so far that I had the HPU under control and therefore no longer had to constantly supplement, in addition, my intestinal flora was great. All of my intolerances were as good as gone and the food allergies were reduced to around 10 (on a low level). I myself suspected the HPU. It turned out differently ...

Long story short… My doctor checked the values ​​of my mitochondria with a catastrophic result. After further tests, very severe heavy metal poisoning was found in the spring of 2016. I won't forget the result anytime soon. My value exceeded the measuring scale tens of times. Where does the shit come from now (sorry for the language) I thought to myself. That can't work. I have not yet been able to find out the reason for the poisoning. We had our apartment examined by a building biologist, including all pipes, etc. He did not find any cause in our apartment. Otherwise, I haven't been able to find a trigger so far. But I got it from somewhere, that's clear. Well, I travel a lot. Who knows what happened there.

Now it was about getting rid of heavy metal poisoning. From the spring of 2016 onwards, I went to chelation therapy several times a week for months. In addition, nutrients that are lost during chelation therapy were of course replenished via infusion. I also supplemented various nutrients in order to detoxify even better. Result after 9 months: My values ​​have only improved minimally. However, my condition has improved enormously. I am fine, I have strength and have been focused for months. In addition, I was able to increase various tolerances. And - oh wonder - I can handle raw apples again in halfway acceptable quantities!

I can tell you, at the moment I'm tired of getting infusions all the time and have refrained from them for the time being. I had phases like this every now and then. I'm just tired of it! Then I don't feel like it! Isn't that normal, isn't it? Since I'm fine at the moment, I'll have my values ​​tested again in July and then we'll see. Then I will definitely have more muse to get this heavy metal poisoning under control. A lot of it probably stems from it. At least a lot of things that still make life difficult for me today.

Year 2017

My current status

You notice that there has been a lot going on with me in the last few years. I was able to achieve a lot in terms of health and eliminate or at least drastically reduce intolerances. I hardly have any more problems with histamine, fructose and sorbitol. Casein has long been gone anyway. My own efforts and my activism have helped me a lot. The psyche plays an enormous role in this. I know that much today. I've managed not to bury my head in the sand all these years and that was good and important.

Despite genetic lactose intolerance, I can now tolerate certain amounts of lactose very well. I no longer take lactase tablets. This is the best proof that my intestinal flora is intact. If I consume larger quantities of dairy products, I fall back on lactose-free ones. Here on vacation I don't even have lactase tablets with me.

This year my hay fever in the spring was not as severe as the 3 years before. I am currently participating in a hay fever research program. This project seems to be doing well for me. We'll see what happens in the fall. I also have hay fever attacks again and again.

I found out for myself that I cannot tolerate a number of foods that contain a lot of inulin. Right at the front there is Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, chicory and a few others. I can take exactly zero! I feel so bad about that. It took a while until I found out. But now I know

I have also been able to tolerate gluten better for some time now. I mustn't overdo it. The gluten sensitivity has decreased significantly. Overall, however, neither grain nor pseudo-grain in large quantities is good for me. I pay a lot of attention to that now.

I haven't had an anaphylactic shock since Easter 2015. I keep my fingers crossed for myself that there won't be any more. I had enough for my needs and in the most impossible places. I was haunted even on the plane.

I still cannot tolerate some foods such as spinach or soy. But hey, that's nothing compared to before 😉.

Various aromatic substances in air conditioning systems cause me to have severe sneezing fits and shortness of breath. For example, I cannot enter a certain café in Cologne. It starts after a few seconds. Sometimes I have problems on the plane when the land approach starts and aromas are obviously pumped into the air. Sometimes it's really bad in elevators. But these are situations for which I am prepared.

Oh yes, the chicken allergy is gone again!

Next, I'll go back to this annoying heavy metal poisoning. This has to be dealt with somehow.

What else is important to me to say: my husband and my family supported me at all times and gave me strength. Never and at no time did anyone have doubts or dismissed my condition. That was and is a huge support. Thank you for that ❤️❤️❤️.

The right diet

Now that I'm pretty stable with my tolerances, I've spent a lot of time this year figuring out a suitable diet. It wasn't just supposed to work for me, my husband had a couple of issues too. It was important to me to have the best possible supply of nutrients, a very high proportion of vegetables, little fat, almost no sugar, to be integrated well into everyday life and to be feasible when traveling.

It also seems to have worked out well. Our metabolism work much more actively. We finally lost weight. My thyroid levels also seem to be stabilizing. I would very much like to do without thyroid hormones in the future. I can tell you about nutrition another time.

Uiuiui, the article has become very long. As already written at the beginning, it was important to me to write the whole story down to this day. Dividing it into different parts was neither mine nor yours. I asked you briefly on my Facebook fan page.

I greet you very warmly from my favorite island Jamaica. I will stay here for a while and spend a very relaxed time and we will recover very well.

All the best