The personality changes depending on the intelligence

Differential Psychology and Personality Psychology

Differential psychology and personality psychology have answers to these questions, which are about differences between people, about inter-individual differences or, to put it another way: about Personality differences. The students learn that and to what extent such interindividual differences predict important criteria such as professional success and relationship satisfaction or health and well-being.

During the course of study, one also learns how such personality differences can be explained by the interaction between environmental influences (socialization, culture) and biological, especially (molecular) genetic conditions. For example, how hereditary is intelligence? Another important topic concerns the question of how personality differences and situational conditions interact and influence people's experience and behavior.

How a person "ticks": In differential psychology and personality psychology, students learn a lot more! Not only the differences in certain personality traits, but also the uniqueness, the individuality and the interaction of motives, emotions and cognitions (thoughts, expectations, beliefs etc.) within a person are subjects of personality psychology. It is also about finding out how a specific person "ticks", i.e. how experience and behavior can be explained and foreseen.