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Alfred 'Alfie' Solomons: Biography of the Jew | Peaky Blinders

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Alfred 'Alfie' Solomons was a Jewish gang leader in the 20s of the 20th century, who earned his living with illegal horse betting, illicit distillery and extortion of protection money.

Alfie Solomons biography in Peaky Blinders

In the television series Peaky Blinders, the character of Alfie Solomons appears from season 2. The Jew is played by British actor Tom Hardy.

Alfie owns the Aerated Bread Company, a bakery in Camden Town, south London. The bakery is just a facade, however, because instead rum is distilled there, which the Jew smuggles from Camden Town into the world. In addition to the business as a bootlegger, Alfie is also a jeweler, has contacts in the underworld and is active in the betting business.

Season 2: Alfie Solomon's deal with the Peaky Blinders

In 1922, there was a war of displacement in London between Alfie and the Italian Sabini. The Italian has sufficient contacts with authorities, the police and influential government officials, which is why Alfie is increasingly falling behind.

Proud Jews tend to live in seclusion, only work with Jews and are proud of their religion and origins. This makes it all the more difficult for him to open up to the new world and to make acquaintances with non-Jews.

A Birmingham underworld organization called the Peaky Blinders approach him and offer to help fight Sabini. Alfie meets with the head of the organization, who introduces himself as Thomas Shelby. Both have in common that they served in World War I and both have an ethnic origin. Because the Shelbys are gypsies and are treated similarly to the Jews.

Thomas Shelby succeeds in hiring 100 men in Alfie's bakery. These receive employment contracts as bakers, but are actually Schwarzbrenner and Alfie's personal protection force against Sabini. Above all is Billy Kitchen, a brigadier with whom Thomas Shelby served in the war.

In return, the Shelbys are allowed to spread to Camden Town, where they rent warehouses and export whiskey from there. They make this largely legal, because Tommy Shelby has received a secret order from Winston Churchill and in return received an export license for automobiles. And so the Shelby Company officially exports Riley branded auto parts and unofficially there is whiskey in the shipping crates to America.

When Thomas Shelby infiltrates his men into Alfie's organization, it becomes clear for the first time how unpredictable the Jew is. Because one of the men asks where the loaves are. Solomons then goes to the questioner and knocks down the man next to him with his walking stick.

After this violent act, Alfie tells the questioner that the man next to him will wake up at some point, will no longer have teeth and then he will realize who he owes this circumstance to.

There are three rules in Alfie Solomon's company, which he then explains:

  1. The difference between rum and bread is not discussed.
  2. Orders from officers are not discussed.
  3. Jewish women are taboo.

Because of the Jew's unpredictability and willingness to use violence, the men obey. The Jew leads the company with a hard hand and has learned to assert himself. He and Tommy share this too.

Later, the Peaky Blinders also take over Sabini's Eden Club. The Italian then approaches his old friend to negotiate peace. Alfie explains that the gypsies are also planning to take over the dog tracks and trap racing tracks.

Since Darby Sabini and Alfie Solomons already knew each other in their youth, they both also know what they have from each other. Together they decide to take action against the gypsies who, in their opinion, are poaching too aggressively in London.

During the peace negotiations, Alfie demands that the Italians stop telling Jewish jokes. This offends him. He also wants to be involved in the horse races in Epson, which Sabini assures him. Another request by Alfie, that the territorial border between Jews and Italians be redrawn, Sabini does not agree to.

After the meeting there will be peace between Italians and Jews. And there is war with the gypsies. Alfie invites Thomas Shelby's brother Arthur Shelby to join him. He wants to celebrate the Passover festival with him and sacrifice a goat on this occasion. He baptizes the Passover goat with the name Tommy Shelby and then Alfie - in front of Arthur's eyes - shoots officer Billy Kitchen.

Arthur is then passed out by Alfie's men and the murder weapon is put in his hand so that his fingerprints become visible. Then Alfie calls the police, who take the murder suspect away.

After Arthur is in jail, the Peaky Blinders are weakened. Because the police are taking over their pubs and warehouses in Camden Town. Alfie does not get the awarded betting licenses for the Epson horse races from the Italian, which is why he turns back to Thomas Shelby.

Alfie promises to drop his testimony against Arthur if Tommy Shelby gives him 100% of the company's shares. Tommy goes to the meeting and by means of a ruse, he manages to negotiate the Jew down to 20%. He says that he has deposited a bomb in the warehouse and that a soldier is waiting outside who will detonate the explosives if Tommy does not come out of the hall unharmed.

Alfie, who actually wanted to shoot Tommy if he doesn't sign the transfer, is now in dire straits because his own life depends on Tommy's life. So he loses his leverage on the Shelby and both agree on 20%.

Season 3: Alfie Solomon's agreement with the trade association and the Russians

Season 3 begins in 1924, two years after the storyline from season 2. Thomas Shelby is in an argument with the former Russian royal family, who went into hiding in London. This is supported by the Birmingham Business Association.

Both of them gave him the job of stealing armored cars from the Lanchester factory. This is supposed to create a Soviet-English conflict, which the tsars want to use to initiate a counter-revolution in the Soviet Union. In the destabilized state, the Bolsheviks are then to be expelled and the tsarist monarchy to be re-proclaimed.

For the theft, the Shelbys are said to have received jewelry worth £ 70,000. Since Thomas Shelby believes that the Tsars will not pay him, he wants to steal from them for all the jewelry. Because in the basement of their asylum seekers' home there is a vault with sapphires and diamonds. Have Alfie examine the pieces and put together the nicest pieces.

While the Shelby brothers Arthur and John have a party with the Soviet Russians upstairs, Alfie and Thomas examine the diamonds in the basement. The pay Tommy Shelby was promised is £ 70,000. Alfie is now putting together a portfolio of diamonds, sapphires and pieces of jewelery of this value, which will be handed over to the Shelbys as soon as they have stolen the armored cars.

During the compilation, Alfie tries to be wrong with the royal family - about the value of the jewelry. So he makes the jewelry bad, which they present. He specifically asks for a Faberge egg that the Russians should put in their portfolio. This is done and all parties involved agree on this package.

What Thomas Shelby doesn't know is that Alfie was briefed by the business association. The MP Jarvis and the priest John Hughes have consulted him in advance. He reveals the true plans of the Shelby's, which puts them under pressure on Thomas Shelby by kidnapping his son Charles. When John Hughes and Thomas Shelby meet again, the priest explicitly demands the return of the Faberge ice cream after the robbery.

This means that Tommy knows that the trade association knows all of its steps and that there must therefore be an informant. He had a well-known jeweler put together a list on which the names of all the men were who asked for Faberge eggs. There are three names on this list.

At the same time he contacted Alfie Solomons and had a list of the names drawn up by him. There are only two names on this list. So Tommy knows that Alfie wants to withhold a name from him and that this name is also his informant at the trade association.

For the betrayal, Tommy wants to shoot the Jew on the spot, but his cousin Michael stops him. But by knowing the name of the buyer, they can arrest him and Arthur learns the whereabouts of Charles.

Season 4: Alfie Solomon's deal with Luca Changretta

Season 4 begins in 1925. Through a gang war that dates back to 1924, the Shelbys have made powerful enemies in America. Because they shot Vincente Changretta, who was the father of Luca Changretta. The son is a leading member of New York's Italian Mafia organization.

Luca comes to Birmingham to shoot all the Shelby family members. Since there seems to be no getting close, he contacts Alfie Solomons. This organizes a boxing match between his boxer Goliath and the Shelby boxer Bonnie. In this boxing match, Lucas men are supposed to be smuggled in to shoot all Shelbys during the event.

In advance, Alfie has already spoken to Thomas Shelby about the conflict with the Italian Americans. The Shelby has already explained to the Jew that the Mafia has come to stay. You will destroy the Peaky Blinders first, then the Sabinis, and finally the Solomons.

When Luca negotiates with Alfie Solomons, the Jew makes him an offer to betray the Shelbys. When the Italian accepts the first offer, Alfie realizes that Tommy will be right and that all gangs in London have to submit.

During the boxing match, Alfie goes into the athletes' cabin. There he meets Thomas Shelby. He tells the gypsy that he will close his business and emigrate to Margate. Alfie goes on to say that he has cancer and wants to relax on Margate Beach.

When, during the boxing match, Alfie's assigned men turn out to be enemies, Tommy realizes that Alfie has betrayed him again. After the matter with Luca is done, Tommy drives to the beach in Margate. With his gun drawn, Thomas heads for the Jew. But Alfie is already waiting for him and asserts that it was only about business.

Tommy demands that Alfie look at him when he pulls the trigger. But the Jew continues to look out to sea. Then Alfie pulls a gun himself and shoots. The shot missed Thomas Shelby, who now pulls the trigger and caught the Jew in the neck. Tommy thinks he's dead and leaves the beach.