How can I get a fingerprint with pictures

33 fingerprint pictures that make painting an experience

Imprints of the whole hand or individual parts of the hand, fingers or fingertips are particularly popular when designing original drawings and greeting cards. We covered the handprint images in a previous article, today we will delve into the subject of fingerprint images.

Are you looking for an interesting pastime for your children? Or would you like to create an atypical wall decoration for your apartment? Then we suggest something: learn to paint with fingerprints! This is a popular trend nowadays that fascinates young and old and gives everyone a lot of joy. If you are a handicraft fan, then take some time and enjoy the creative ideas in the following pictures, which we have collected in a picture gallery! This art technique is sure to arouse your child's curiosity!

It's that easy!

Create unusual guestbook

Painting with fingerprints - a favorite pastime for children and adults

The fingerprint images are unique and inspiring. They remind adults of their childhood and carry something fresh with them. That's why adults also enjoy this art technique. This painting technique is used, for example, to create unusual guest books. But kids have a lot of fun painting with fingerprints! You like to spend long hours painting anyway; Using fingerprints makes the whole job even more fun! Of course, you add the necessary elements to get a nice overall picture. The fingerprint images can be made by hand, but it is easier with templates! In fact, it's a nice way to encourage toddlers to develop their creativity.

Just let your creativity run free and wonderful things will emerge!

You can depict different motifs

Any colors and motifs are allowed for fingerprint images

Fingerprint images actually leave a lot of space for experimentation. This stimulates the children's imagination and also their development. The little ones combine colors and motifs and thus learn to be independent. Trees and cute animals are the most common motifs. Different animals and figures can be brought to life from one or more fingerprints. The fingerprints should only be completed with eyes, ears, mouth, legs, etc. It depends on the imagination of the little ones what kind of creatures arise.

Paint your fingers with an ink pad and get to work! This is how you create these unique works of art.

Painting with fingerprints is not only an independent leisure activity, but can also be seen as a birthday game. The children paint together and have a good time together.

Indeed, a fingerprint could be anything!

Fingerprint template for children

Just let the little ones be artists, at least for a short time! Let's see what kind of pictures are created! However, the great memories will stay forever!

Combine colors and motifs

Create creepy figurines

Ideas for the little ones

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