How do you create your own job



Almost half of Germans would like to change their job, but it is difficult. There are many reasons why many do not pursue their desire for self-fulfillment after all. This article answers what you can do when you want a career change and how to find out exactly what you want.

The great dissatisfaction in the job

The most recent figures from the Study on job satisfaction by ManpowerGroup Germany show it clearly: a a large part of the population is professionally dissatisfied. 46% of those surveyed said they would like to change their job within the next twelve months. The main reasons were:

  • Desire for better pay
  • Lack of recognition
  • Bad working atmosphere
  • no fun at work
  • Desire for variety


Work only covers part of the needs

The things mentioned are very basic needs that the American psychologist Abraham Maslow has summarized in a step model. He differentiates five stages on the way to self-realization. In addition to the first stage, the Basic needs like sleep, food and clothing, play mainly in professional life Security needs a role. Having a secure job is important to many people - and probably also one of the hurdles that slow down the desire for change before it actually makes it to change. But the desire for security is not the only need. Maslow also describes on the third level social needs, like the desire for relationships and group membership. They are one step further I-needs, so the self-worth and also the recognition. At precisely these three levels, there seems to be room for improvement in the working life of many Germans, because many of the respondents lacked recognition, the working atmosphere and their own enjoyment of work. Up to the fifth and final stage, the Self-actualization, these people don't make it. At least not if they don't dare to change.



How do I know what I want?

Many know what is lacking in them, but not how they can remedy this deficiency in their own profession. That's because we don't think further. If the job isn't fun, how can you change that? We'd like to show you five steps you can take to create your own Make change clearer and find out what you really want.


1. Know what you don't want
This step is usually done quickly, because We very often focus on things that we dislike. The respondents in the aforementioned study also see that they lack recognition, money or fun. That alone does not solve the problem, but it is the first important step towards it. Write down what exactly is making you unhappy at the moment. Because if you don't know what exactly you are missing, it becomes quite difficult to find a positive change for yourself.


2. Know what you love
Certainly there is also in your profession Shares that you like. Make a note of what exactly you enjoy, what drives you and what you enjoy doing. If you find very little about this in the professional context, then look a little outside the box. What do you like to do in your free time? What is your favorite place to spend your time? Finding out what you enjoy is the second important step on the path to change. Surely you know Confucius ‘Wisdom“ Choose a job that you love and you will not have to work a day in your life. ”This is indeed the case. When you love what you do and get to do what you love to do, it is incredibly fulfilling.


3. Know what you can do
Where are your talents? What are you really good at? Let's move away from the outdated “self-praise stinks” to being a success detective. Everyone has a talent for certain things, unfortunately, few actually know their own talents well. If this step is difficult for you, then ask for advice in your community. What do your superiors and colleagues appreciate about you? What positive feedback do you get in the staff interviews? What are your friends saying? Make a note of at least five things you are good at.


4. Know where your sweet spot is
You don't enjoy doing everything you can. Not everything you enjoy doing is good at you. But there is an intersection between these two things. The so-called sweet spot is that Zone in which you discover success and self-realization close together can. Precisely this area is the key to professional happiness. If you enjoy helping people and are good at programming, then you should find a way to combine these two things. And not only in your free time for friends and family, but also at work. For almost every sweet spot, there is also an opportunity to live it out on a professional level.


5. Know how to realize yourself
Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the professional equivalent of the sweet spot. But the good news is that there is almost always a matching match. Let's assume that you enjoy working with people and are happy to help them. Plus, you love to code. How can you do that transferred to the professional level? You could become an IT consultant, for example SAP consultant. Or are you creative and like to be on Facebook, Instagram and Co.? Why not turn your hobby into a job and as a Social media manager Act?



Discover your success

The two mentioned are just a few examples of Professions with a futurethat show you that a change can and will be worthwhile once you find your niche. Feel free to play through the five steps and take the courage to change. In the end, self-actualization is always worthwhile and helps you not only be successful, but also satisfied.
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