How does the moon charge my crystals

Crystal Power: This is how you charge your gemstones

For years my gemstones slumbered in a small wooden box. In a manure mania that overtakes me at least once a year, I almost threw them away. Fortunately, nostalgia (and a very clever inner voice) saved me from actually doing that. A few months ago I remembered my healing stones and how they meant a lot to me as a child.

Every time my aunt visited us, she brought chocolate and a new stone for my brother and me. We were really eager to find out the names and the effects of the healing stones. I was able to memorize my aunt's stories well, took care of and cherished my stones and used them for stomach aches and other small ailments.

Now my stones are back on my altar. But before I used them again in my morning meditation, they first needed a power kick. There are about 100 ways to do this. For me, as always, the simple ones worked best.

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Here comes mine easy peasyInstructions on how to clean, discharge and charge gemstones

One thing is rarely mentioned in the usual instructions, but from my point of view it is the most important:

Set an intention!

Be conscious of the fact that you are now working with your healing stones. Be there with all your attention and make it a ceremony: What energy do you want to charge your gemstones with? With “quick, quick” or with “holy ceremony”? Play or sing mantras, light a candle or incense stick and do it nicely.

Get rid of the dirt: clean gemstones

Depending on where you stored your stones, they may have become dust catchers. First, remove any house dust with a dry, soft cloth.

If your healing stones do not contain any water-soluble elements or metals that could rust, I recommend that you clean the gemstones with water and simply wash away everything that does not belong to them. Hold it under running water like a bar of soap and rub it off thoroughly. In the beginning the surface feels very smooth, after a while it becomes more grippy. Then, set them aside on a kitchen towel and let them air dry. My stones immediately shone a little more.

Better safe than sorry: Discharge precious stones

If you use your stones as healing stones, they can store energies that do not necessarily belong to them. After 20 years in the box, it needed one Extra treat. I decided to clean my gemstones with salt. Fortunately, this is very easy.

You take a bowl (preferably made of glass), pack a lot of salt, put the stones in another bowl or a normal glass and place the bowl with the stones on the salt. If you like, say a quick prayer and let the salt soak in overnight. The salt “pulls” out everything that does not belong to the stone. It is only important that the stones do not come into direct contact with the salt. Be sure to dispose of the salt the next morning.

After the salt cleaning, I had the feeling that something was still missing. I researched and learned: Gemstones can also be cleaned with sound and smoke. There are also special cleaning smoke mixes, I smoked over mine with white sage for the sake of simplicity Crystals and sent a few more singing bowl vibes afterwards. White sage has a cleansing and at the same time energizing effect and my singing bowl from India is magical anyway. Worked wonderfully. The stones felt fresh, empty and shiny.

High energy power: Charge gems

In order to use the full power, it makes sense to recharge it regularly. A gentle variant is to charge the gemstones with rock crystal. It is best to always have a rock crystal with the stones, which holds the energies together.

If you want a little more, you can charge the gemstones in the moonlight or in the sun. The hours around sunset or sunrise are best. Too strong sun can become aggressive and has the opposite effect. It is best to go according to your feelings, whether you prefer to have morning or evening sun in your stones. The sun activates the stone without - like moonlight - adding too much self-information. If you charge your gemstones in the moonlight, pay attention to the moon phase: The waxing moon is very powerful and brings things forward, the waning moon has more gentle qualities and stands for letting go and receiving.

Danger: If you are very sensitive you may react to the new strength of your stones. Sometimes you sleep badly (or particularly well) when they are in the room. I have the stones on my altar and check in my morning meditation which one should be my companion for the day. The Winner I then pack it in my bag. Sometimes in the course of the day it becomes apparent what it was good for.

What is your sacred ritual

In the Spiri world it is just like in everyday life. There are rules, instructions and methods for everything. I find that very valuable. Why not benefit from the knowledge of sly souls? But in the end, that's just a guide. Always pay attention to what resonates with you. If the Vibes of a ritual or technique doesn't vibrate on your frequency, it's not yours. And that's good.

You decide what is sacred!

See what appeals to you and see all suggestions as ideas. For example, I like to take my stones in both hands and warm them up a little. Then I fold my hands in prayer, precious stone between the palms of the hands, and lead it to the third eye, to the lips and in front of my heart. For me it is a gesture to tune the body, the mind, the words and the deeds to one level. To Healing sessions or important satsangs, I also like to take my main mala or jewelry with me, which I wear every day to recharge them with the special energy.

say thank you

Don't forget: Thank you. Whenever you are working with your stones. Blessing is also a beautiful thing. No matter which form of appreciation makes sense for you, do it! Appreciating something can work wonders

Important: This does not only work with stones, but with all things that are sacred to you. Just think about the intense relationships young children have with a cuddly toy. Your personal jesus can in principle be anything. Unless you make it a sacred object.

Happy Crystal Clearing and shine bright!

Your Rebecca

Cover picture © Rebecca Randak

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