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Eating and drinking in Hawaii


According to the customs of the US mainland, 98% of the hotel rates in Hawaii are without meals. Overnight stays with breakfast, half and full board or even all inclusive are absolutely unusual here.

A few accommodations include a small, very simple breakfast.

Contrary to the name, in "Bed & Breakfast“-Accommodation does not necessarily have to include breakfast.

The hotels and resorts always have (at least) one restaurant. The meals are just not included in the room rate.

The motto for all meals in the accommodation is: the higher the standard of the hotel or resort, the higher the prices in the hotel's restaurants and bars.

On the Hawaiian Islands, however, there are always good opportunities to cater to culinary delights outside of the accommodation.

You have a plentiful selection of different restaurants in different price ranges in the respective local centers, at food trucks, snack stands of all kinds in the food courts of the shopping centers or along the route, from the well-known large and local fast food chains to ready-made sandwiches the supermarket.

Would you like to book an apartment and would prefer it Self-catering?
No problem. You can get everything you need in numerous supermarkets and at the Farmers Markets.

The prices are a lot higher than at home (and mainland America) as almost all products have to be imported. Dairy products in particular have very high prices. Self-sufficiency therefore does not necessarily offer price advantages.


What is the cost of catering in Hawaii?
A general statement cannot be made here, because the size of the meal basically determines its cost.

As a guide, a full breakfast buffet in a hotel can be estimated at around $ 25-40 per person and a breakfast dish served at around $ 18-22. The buffets mostly include coffee / tea and juice, otherwise the costs are added separately. A cup of coffee or tea can cost around $ 3-4, and juices $ 4-6.

At lunchtime you can spend between $ 15 and $ 25 on a burger or sandwich in the restaurant. A serving of shrimp on the shrimp trucks in Kahuku, northern Oahu, is between $ 13 and $ 16. The cheapest option is certainly the pre-packaged sandwiches from the supermarket for around $ 3-7.

The prices for main courses in the restaurants usually start in the evenings around $ 20/25. Steaks and fish dishes are much higher in price. Even in very down-to-earth “pubs”, dishes with fresh local fish usually cost over $ 30. Often the "fresh catch" is also offered at the market price or the waitress recommends a "Special of the Day". If the price is not mentioned directly, feel free to ask - this is the only way to avoid a nasty surprise when you receive the invoice.

The prices for soft drinks like coffee, iced tea, juices or soft drinks are around $ 3-6. A beer on tap or in a bottle is around $ 6-8. A glass of wine is usually available from around $ 8 and budget for the tropical cocktails (with or without alcohol) around $ 8-15.

Some restaurants and bars offer happy hour or an early bird special at certain times. Selected drinks, dishes or menus are served at reduced prices.

A nice atmosphere, a great sea view, beautiful live music or exotic dishes are undoubtedly part of the travel experience. It would be a real shame to do without it completely.

During your Hawaii vacation, discover the many beautiful restaurants in various price ranges with a huge selection of local dishes that are definitely worth trying.

Contact us! We have a lot of tips to round off your Hawaiian trip culinary. In the past few years we have been able to visit various restaurants ourselves and are happy to share our experiences with you.

With your travel documents you will also receive a small guide on the subject of eating and drinking in Hawaii - including, of course, some restaurant recommendations in Hawaii.