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Various power supplies


1 Auxiliary converter Various power supplies

2 Auxiliary converters as unique as your application In the course of the further development of rail vehicles and electric or hybrid buses, passenger comfort and information are becoming more and more important. This is why the energy supply for electrical and electronic consumers is becoming more and more important. Auxiliary converters are the crucial link between the connected consumers and the vehicle's energy supply. 2

3 The Siemens brand A symbol of quality with a proven success story. Decades of experience in the railway sector Many years of market and technology know-how as the basis for targeted developments Reliable, solid performance Auxiliary power supply for all common voltages and networks: from 750 V, V or V to single-phase alternating current of V / 16.67 Hz or respectively V / 50 Hz (according to secondary supply via main transformer) Large selection of products for auxiliary power supply to perfectly meet customer requirements Global requirements are covered by global production facilities. Compact, flexible and highly efficient construction Durable and resilient Our large installed base reflects extraordinary experience and know-how. Proven technologies with a globally installed base Reliable components with a long service life All auxiliary power supplies were developed and designed, simulated, tested and built as a system. Components you can rely on Market-relevant certifications and standards Long-term spare parts and service concepts Global service network 3

4 With us you get the train. We have been building electrical equipment for rail vehicles worldwide since quality, made in Germany, right from the start. And with seven decades of experience, we know what our customers worldwide need: first-class technology, optimal solutions for their individual tasks. Via auxiliary converters in rail operations worldwide. 4th

5 From Krefeld all over the world Around 100 employees in the Krefeld Mobility plant develop auxiliary converters. It goes without saying that many of our products end up in their own vehicles, but many other vehicle manufacturers also appreciate the outstanding auxiliary converters from the Lower Rhine for their rail vehicles, from high-speed trains to trams. Lead Factory Traction Nuremberg In our Lead Factory in Nuremberg, around employees develop and manufacture travel drives and motors for rail vehicles. Complete system tests for all traction equipment are carried out in our special on-site test facilities. St. Petersburg (Russia) Krefeld (Germany) Tianjin (China) Nashik (India) Alpharetta (USA) Nuremberg (Germany) Alpharetta, Georgia, USA: specialized in converters The Alpharetta plant produces complete drive solutions for the North American rail market. The innovative and proven products offer the highest level of reliability with minimal maintenance costs. The product portfolio includes converters, motors, gearboxes and auxiliary power supplies. The products are developed on a project-specific basis in order to meet customer requirements. Auxiliary and traction converters from Nashik, India The Nashik plant has been an important technology location for Siemens since 1987: Auxiliary and traction converters are developed and manufactured here. In addition, there are electrical control cabinets, drives and rail automation products as well as the development of test equipment. St. Petersburg: Motors and drives for the Russian market The plant, founded in 2006, specializes in the development, manufacture and maintenance of high-voltage motors and frequency converters for Transneft and RZD (Russian railways), among others. The portfolio also includes traction motors and converters as well as auxiliary converters, drives and APS for infrastructure applications. Tianjin plant, China The Tianjin plant is our center for electrical rail components in China and produces large electric motors and converters. The product portfolio includes traction motors and traction converters as well as APS for high-speed trains and metros. The location was inaugurated in 1995 and currently employs around 140 people. 5

6 Auxiliary converters (e.g. for local vehicles and regional trains) Advantages + + Reliable and robust + + High performance with compact dimensions + + Lower line losses due to less wiring and shorter cables + + High efficiency main fan Auxiliary converters work with forced air cooling, which reduces their weight and yours Cuts costs. The high-performance air filters reduce the need for maintenance and the acoustically optimized design as well as the perfect fan speed control keep the operating noise low. Output converter low voltage unit The low voltage unit consists of a 3 AC converter and a battery charger. It is built in a highly integrated manner and has all the necessary filters for the delivery of a perfectly sinusoidal output voltage. High switching frequencies and the compact design ensure an optimal power / volume ratio and minimal power losses with an easy-to-integrate module. Local power supply (3 AC 400 V 45 kva / 63 A) For operation and maintenance, the auxiliary converter can be supplied with a 3 AC 400 V voltage from the local network via the busbar of the train. The auxiliary converter takes up the voltage, in turn feeds the 110 V DC voltage network and charges the vehicle batteries. 6th

7 Master Control Unit The Master Control Unit takes over and monitors all essential functions of the auxiliary converter. It is connected to the inverter controls inside via CAN and to train communication via MVB or Ethernet. The Master Control Unit offers a large number of digital and analog input and output ports and can thus be adapted to all project requirements. High-voltage input converter unit The high-voltage input converter unit impresses with its compact design, potential isolation between input and output as a standard safety function, and integrated sensors and magnetic components in an easy-to-integrate control module. Pre-charging unit In order to limit the inrush current and enable a smooth start-up, the unit always starts up with a pre-charging resistor (which is switched off during normal operation). Input filter The input filter ensures the input impedance and limits the interference current that is normally generated by high-frequency inverters (IGBT) in order to prevent interference on the line and input side. 7th

8 Areas of application for our auxiliary converters Our auxiliary converters work in all types of rail vehicles and coaches, provide the on-board voltage for 3 AC / 1 AC electrical devices as well as the DC supply and also charge vehicle and supply batteries quickly, reliably and safely. The systems do not necessarily have to be installed on board, but are also used stationary, as is the case with our charging systems for electric buses. 8th

9 Technical data The technical data given here are typical values ​​of the standard devices for the selected application, which can be implemented particularly quickly and cheaply. The auxiliary converters from Siemens can also be individually adapted to the respective rail vehicles and coaches. Local transport vehicles Metro vehicles nominal power / battery charger 20 or 40 kva / 11 kw 90 kva / 14 kw MidCap: 120 kva / 40 kw HighCap: 170 kva / 30 kw nominal voltage 600/750 V DC 600/750 V DC 750 V / V DC temperature 25 C up to + 45 C 37 C up to + 47 C 25 C up to + 45 C Installation location Roof Roof Underfloor Weight 260/300 * kg 590 kg 530 kg / 600 kg Type of cooling Forced air cooling Forced air cooling Forced air cooling * Options ** Only weight of the module (new Platform) 10

10 commuter trains High-speed trains Chargers Passenger trains Offboard 160 kva / 15 kw 160 kva / 16 kw 150 kw, 300 kw, 450 kw and 600 kw (according to IEC) Onboard onboard DCDC converter with 60 kw and 180 kw (double insulated according to ECE R36) 3 AC: 40 kva 95 kva DC: 6 kw 20 kw V DC V DC V DC (on request) Depending on the customer network 750 V DC multiple power supply (UIC 550) V AC V AC / DC V DC 40 C to + 45 C 40 C to + 45 C 25 C to + 45 C 25 C to + 45 C 25 C to + 45 C Upright / upside down Underfloor Infrastructure Roof Underfloor 240 kg ** 240 kg ** Not applicable 250 kg ** / kg Forced air cooling Forced air cooling and water cooling Forced air cooling Forced air cooling Forced air cooling 11

11 Auxiliary converter portfolio Local transport vehicles (low power) Local transport vehicles (high power) 20/40 kva <100 kva Metro vehicles Commuter trains ergon 3 design. MC 120 / HC 170 kva 160 kva high-speed trains Charger offboard and onboard 160 kva 150 kw to 600 kw offboard 60 kw to 180 kw onboard 9

12 Services Our service offerings include the fields of field service and repair service. The Field Service's job is to help you quickly on site, from the commissioning of our APS and high-power chargers to field data acquisition or maintenance / repairs. We also offer repair services at the Krefeld plant for APS / HPC power modules and for Sibco's microprocessor controls. In addition to EBG-compliant repairs, the services also include, for example, electrical or climatic tests and much more. We also offer you dedicated services for all rail applications. Maintenance Services Our maintenance services help you to ensure the operational readiness of your vehicles and rail infrastructure in the long term, regardless of your own resources. With a tailor-made service concept for your city, regional, long-distance or high-speed traffic, we are there for you where you need us. Whether overhead lines, signals, signal boxes or level crossings, multiple units, locomotives, metros, light rail or trams: Our experts have many years of experience in the maintenance of fleets and systems around the world. Spare Part Services Spare parts cost money especially when they are unused in stock. On the other hand, stocking them is sometimes absolutely necessary in order to be able to react immediately if necessary and to maintain operations. With Easy Spares, we ensure that your specialists have exactly the spare parts you need quickly, easily, reliably and as required. Whether new, repaired or overhauled. Or, thanks to Siemens' leading position in additive manufacturing, even for every spare part, no matter how individual or rarely used, even in small quantities, often with simultaneous design improvements. Easy spares for a lifetime. 12th

13 Qualification Services With our Qualification Services you invest directly in the future of your company, because the current know-how of your employees and reliably tested systems contribute to your success. In our accredited and certified testing and validation center Wegberg-Wildenrath in Germany, we offer tailor-made tests and approvals around the clock. In view of the rapid technical progress, our practical training programs are becoming more and more important to keep your employees' knowledge up to date. Digital Services Digital Services from Siemens Mobility Services provide you with the key to guaranteed availability, maximized throughput or the implementation of new business models with intelligent remote monitoring and innovative data services. From sensor technology to intelligent algorithms and the latest IT security standards to precise analytics, we offer the entire basis for optimized operation, underpinned by the decades of practical experience of our experts in rail transport. Digital Services are based on the powerful platform architecture from Siemens and our further developed Mobility Application Suite, with which you can get more out of your systems. Look forward to the application suite Railigent manage your assets smarter! Upgrade Services Whether interior conversion, system upgrade or refurbishment, there are many good reasons for modernizing, expanding or repairing your rail vehicles and infrastructure: more attractiveness, higher energy efficiency, improved passenger comfort and greater reliability. Or a plus in sustainability, simply by extending the service life. Because a long service life saves resources and with Siemens Upgrade Services you can drive safely, comfortably, with low emissions and energy-efficiently into the future. Operation Services One of the greatest challenges of our time is to guarantee cost-effective and sustainable mobility while at the same time providing attractive offers for your rail customers. With our Operation Services we help you to make better use of existing capacities and to maintain high performance and quality even in exceptional operational situations. So that growing traffic flows in rail traffic remain an opportunity for more sales, more customer satisfaction and more sustainability.

14 Published by Siemens Mobility GmbH Otto-Hahn-Ring Munich Germany Article no. MORS-B Printed in Germany TH WS Subject to changes and errors. The information in this document only contains general descriptions or performance features which do not always apply in the form described in the specific application or which may change due to further development of the products. The desired performance features are only binding if they are expressly agreed upon when the contract is concluded. Sibcos is a brand of Siemens AG.