Why can't I drink alcohol

Life without alcohol

On such occasions, the pressure to drink alcohol with the others is usually greatest. It takes a bit of practice to turn down alcohol here. Be kind but firm. Drink slowly or leave a rest in the glass - especially in laps when drinking is fast and nobody is allowed to sit in front of an empty glass. As long as there is still something in your glass, nobody will try to force a new drink on you. Are your friends still persistent and want to persuade you to have a beer or a schnapps? Turn the tables and ask why it is so important that you drink alcohol. And if you are tired of the arguing: Have a water on the rocks poured out at the bar. Looks like pure vodka. Only you know that it is not alcohol.

As a general rule, don't let yourself be put off and stay in a good mood. As a rule, it is not the drinks that you remember from a successful evening, but the conversations, the people or the time on the dance floor. Do you give the party yourself? Then this is your chance to surprise your guests with great new non-alcoholic cocktails. And maybe convince them of a new lifestyle.

I drink cola or juices at parties. I won't let myself be pressured even if I'm the only one who doesn't drink alcohol. There I stand above it.

Holger Weiss does not drink alcohol. He explains why and how it works in the interview.